Linger’s Sticky-icky-icky Wok Charred Edamame Recipe

Housed in a former mortuary, Linger is creating dishes inspired by makeshift kitchens and streetside nooks around the world.

Bowl of Linger's Sticky-icky-icky Wok Charred Edamame.
Photo by Paul Miller.

“Tried and true, edamame is hard not to nosh on whenever it’s on the table, but at Linger we wanted to make a craveable version that is sticky-icky-icky and potent in flavor.”—Justin Cucci, Owner & Executive Chef of Edible Beats Restaurant Group

Sticky-icky-icky Wok Charred Edamame


1 tsp. sunflower oil
12 oz. edamame pods
2 oz. Edamame Glaze (see recipe below)


Thaw and blanch the edamame in salted boiling water until just cooked. Over a medium-high flame, get your wok (or cast-iron pan) very hot, so it slightly smokes. In the hot wok, add sunflower oil and edamame pods. Allow the outside to get a nice char on it, but not burnt. Add in edamame glaze and a little water if needed (no more than a ½ tsp. just to loosen the glaze). Toss to combine and allow to cook until water evaporates. Season with salt. Taste for seasoning prior to plating. Garnish with ground black and white sesame seeds.

Edamame Glaze


2 oz. maple syrup
4 oz. garlic-chile crunch (available at Whole Foods as well as Asian specialty stores)
½ oz. soy sauce
2 oz. sesame oil
4 oz. Gochujang (or Sriracha if you can’t find Gochujang)

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In a small bowl, mix all ingredients to incorporate thoroughly. Taste for seasoning.

Chef Justin Cucci’s Tip

• Charring the edamame in a wok brings some much-needed texture and smoky flavor to the basic pods.