Glass Sinks Crafted by Vitraform

Glass sinks grace the most elegant homes, businesses and hotels worldwide, and not surprisingly, Vitraform is at the forefront of it all.

Despite worldwide success, Vitraform remains true to its core values by continuing to craft one-of-a-kind sinks for ultra-luxury environments. The global company, based in Denver, is offset by the down-to-earth attitude of the designers and owners, husband and wife team Jerry and Sheila Fein. Both attended the University of Colorado as fine arts majors in the early 1970s. In 1976, Jerry founded Cherry Creek Enterprises, a company specializing in O.E.M. manufacturing and custom leaded and beveled glass, while Sheila worked as an interior designer. In 1981, the duo joined forces.

Only the Best

Vitraform offers a wide range of basin styles and sizes in an array of colors and finishes. Hand-engraved patterns and hardware for different types of installations are also available. “From the beginning, we have been driven by the vision that your bathroom should be your place of solace,” says President Aaron Batte. “A retreat from the stress of everyday life and a place where, if even for a moment, you can retreat for comfort, tranquility and renewal.”

Each sink is made with presence, designed to allure and coveted for its distinctiveness and beauty: a statement of luxury and sophistication that reflects the one who possesses it. “Vitraform products are unique and reveal a rare enigmatic character. Like a piece of fine art, they are bold, full of interest and captivate their audience. Instead of being mundane, white ceramic bowls, their design is striking and makes the user aware of their presence.”

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Where to Find

All products are made, constructed and distributed by master craftsmen and women here in the original factory in Denver under the direct supervision of the Feins, thus guaranteeing ultimate quality. The sinks are sold only through a select group of dealers, ensuring the utmost in service and product knowledge. Check online for locations near you.