Glo Noodle House’s Kimchi Pork Skewers Recipe

Newly opened Glo Noodle House will fill you with gratitude and good food in more ways than one.

Glo Noodle House chefs Chris Teigland and Ariana Teigland.
Chefs Ariana and Chris Teigland cozy up at Glo’s bar. Photo by Monica Lloyd.

As the story goes, Glo Noodle House pays homage to Chef Chris Teigland’s mother, Gloria, who went by the nickname Glo to her friends and loved ones. Glo was a pastry chef who introduced her son Chris to the kitchen at an early age—where she encouraged him to explore different cuisines. He eventually fell in love with Asian food, so she bought him his first wok. “My mom’s love language was cooking meals for people and she passed that down to me,” Chef Chris says.

Shortly after Chris landed his first corporate job, Glo passed away—and that’s when he decided he wanted to continue her legacy and make her proud. Originally from Chicago, Chris and his wife Ariana, a Denver native who also has a fruitful background as a chef, decided to open of Glo Noodle House in Denver in Glo’s honor. “We have been working towards owning our own restaurant for many years and it has been a dream come true to watch everything come together,” adds Ariana. “We couldn’t have asked for a better staff and have received an outpouring of support from the community. Most people who dine at glo come away commenting on the good vibes. We believe that has stemmed from all the love that went into making this place happen, as well as the camaraderie our team here has.”

So, why noodles?

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“Noodles are such a comfort food,” Chef Chris adds. “We wanted people to be able to come in and eat a bunch of small plates or to be able to sit at the bar and have a huge bowl of ramen. There is something special about a bowl of warm delicious broth with noodles that just feeds your heart.” And, we couldn’t have said it better yourselves. You’ll just have to book a table inside or on the patio to feel the love and legacy for yourself. Here’s an exclusive recipe from Glo…

Glo Noodle House's Kimchi Pork Skewers.
Photo by Monica Lloyd.

Kimchi Pork Skewers


2 lb. pork (secreto, loin, shoulder, belly)
1/2 c. kimchi base
1/2 c. kimchi
4 green onions
1 Tbsp. salt
20 bamboo skewers


1. Soak 20 bamboo skewers in water (overnight or at least an hour before cooking). You can use metal skewers if you prefer as well.
2. Cut pork into 1 oz. pieces. Chef Chris Teigland uses pork secreto at their restaurant but you can use loin, shoulder or belly if you can’t find secreto at the store.
3. Marinate pork in kimchi base. Glo Noodle House makes their own kimchi base, but you can just as easily find jars of it at any Asian grocery store.
4. Like the bamboo skewers, let the pork marinate overnight in the kimchi base.
5. Turn your grill onto a medium high setting.
6. Load your pork onto the skewer. Chef Chris says it’s best if you can keep a piece covering the tip to prevent the skewer from burning.
7. Lightly salt the pork and then load on the grill. Note: There is salt from the kimchi marinade, so you won’t need as much as you normally would use. You will want to get some char on each side, however, everyone’s grill is different so if you’re getting char and the pork isn’t cooked, then you can lower your heat and finish.
8. Serve with kimchi and enjoy!