Crossbow Leather

How Macy Pryor built Crossbow Leather from the ground up with grit and passion.

Photo courtesy of Crossbow Leather

Crossbow Leather is Telluride’s handmade leather goods gem. In only five years, owner and designer Macy Pryor has built the brand’s strong sense of artisanal quality with the collaboration of her team and a laser-sharp focus on her passion for all things leather. Before actualizing her dream in 2015, Pryor completed a degree in sculpture with an emphasis in metal and woodwork, saying she’s always had a knack for design and an understanding of dimensions, math, and structure.

Destined Fate

It wasn’t until Pryor picked up the art of leather design—along with the guidance of a knowledgeable friend—that she was hooked. She began learning by meticulously hand-punching and measuring every single hole of a design, and later apprenticed with a leathersmith. “When I get inspired by something, I’ll be up all night and not sleep, figure it out until it’s perfect, and then move on from there,” she says.

The concept stems from Pryor’s desire to create high-quality, fun, and one-of-a-kind leather goods for consumers unimpressed by fast fashion. Now with a full staff of its own, Crossbow Leather has morphed into a vibrant retail store that evokes mountain and rugged flair. Customers can easily view the intricate design process right in the shop, which she believes is rarely shown in our culture. “For people to actually witness the process—to see where it comes from and how it’s made—they’re usually amazed that there are only three girls in the back of the shop busting out all of these leather products. It’s pretty cool.”

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A Committed Vision

The brand has been on a mission to bridge the style gap; whether it be a backpack worn to work in the city or on a hike in the mountains, versatility is Crossbow Leather’s calling. When asked about her current collection, Pryor reveals that her weekender bags are one of her most fulfilling to make. Unique every time and made freehand with textiles from around the globe, each design has a story to tell.

Pryor has also found purpose through teaching others about leather craft. In 2017, she traveled to Kenya to help a company called BeadWORKS thrive. From learning about tools to making belts and dog collars, to watching the company’s expansion—the whole process has been a real treat for her. And while Crossbow Leather has been a labor of love, Pryor wouldn’t want it any other way. “To pursue an artistic career has always been my dream and it’s crazy that it’s coming to fruition so quickly.”