Vintage Overland: Crafting Vintage Inspired Caravans

Exploring Colorado in a Vintage Overland caravan.

Vintage Overland caravans
Photo courtesy of Vintage Overland.

Tucked away in Grand Junction, there’s a little company doing big things with small trailers. Vintage Overland carves out its niche in the caravan world with a flair for the nostalgic and a nod to minimalism. Britton Purser, the mastermind behind these caravans, combines his design school expertise with his carpentry skills to create bespoke, handmade teardrop trailers with a vintage vibe. They’re utilitarian yet aesthetically pleasing, rugged yet refined.

Purser’s story is one of restless creativity culminating in the creation of Vintage Overland. With his wife, Ami, and two brothers, Cody and Cullen, by his side, he embarked on a mission to design a caravan that encapsulated the essence of open-road adventure and the elegance of Danish design.

The team prides itself in designing and building collector-quality camping trailers. These are not mass-produced but carefully crafted with individual attention given to every detail.

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They are, it’s worth mentioning, tiny. Vintage Overland’s creations sleep two, max. Kitchens? You won’t find any inside. But these limitations are deceptive. These trailers, light enough to hitch to your everyday car, are rugged beasts on the trail. We’re talking off-road axles and tires that can tackle even the gnarliest paths.

Consider the Tuco, named after the resilient character from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Compact yet robust, the Tuco is an ode to the backcountry explorers, designed to traverse rugged terrains with ease. For those seeking an extended escape, the ‘Great Escape’ caravan unfolds a world of comfort and convenience, with its integrated kitchenette and ample storage space. And the T.E. Lawrence, the most popular model, channels the legendary explorer’s spirit, offering a spacious sanctuary for the solo adventurer or a cozy retreat for two.

Each caravan, from the $21,000 Tuco to the $29,000 T.E. Lawrence, is hand-built and off-road capable, as beautiful as it is rugged. The exteriors, clad in anodized aluminum to withstand the elements, shine under the Colorado sun, while interiors of Baltic Birch nod to the minimalist Danish aesthetic. Equipped with modern amenities like solar panels, LED lighting, and memory foam mattresses, these trailers have everything you need and nothing you don’t. Small in stature but big on freedom, they mark a departure from traditional camping, and they’re a far cry from the cumbersome luxury of modern RVs, like the 42-foot Winnebago behemoth my dad likes to say he takes “low and slow.” In a world where travel is often equated with luxury, Vintage Overland redefines it as a necessity—a journey back to the basics.