On the Job With ONEflight International’s CEO and Founder Ferren Rajput

For Ferren Rajput, CEO and founder of ONEflight International, it’s not about owning a jet; it’s about the freedom to fly.

Ferren Rajput
Photo by Jake Holschuh.

In the skies of private aviation, Ferren Rajput, CEO of Englewood’s ONEflight International, is not just flying high—he’s rewriting the flight plan. A Denver stalwart since 1981, Rajput’s vision for ONEflight revolutionizes private aviation. His groundbreaking platform, BAJit, transforms booking a jet into an experience as seamless as booking a hotel room. It’s not just about ease; it’s about access.

ONEflight’s network spans over 7,000 aircraft globally, addressing the industry’s costly “empty legs” dilemma. Through its paradigm-shifting proprietary BAJit technology, clients effortlessly connect to an extensive fleet, unlocking cost-effective private jet travel. Rajput’s approach: a membership to a country-club in the sky, offering more than flights; it’s a passport to unparalleled experiences. From Shark-hosted intimate dinners on megayachts to exclusive pit-side access at the Formula 1 Grand Prix, ONEflight members savor a lifestyle beyond the reach of mere wealth. The company’s trajectory mirrors its founder’s ambition—limitless. At a recent black-tie gala held in the ONEflight hangar at Centennial Airport, celebrities and brand ambassadors like Kevin Costner and Courteney Cox joined VIP members to celebrate the brand’s ascent. Our conversation with Rajput, onboard his new Gulfstream G550 (the Big Brother to the Black Jet Gulfstream III) highlights his philosophy that to reach new horizons, you don’t need to own a jet—you just need to fly.

“It was my dream to be a jet fighter pilot, but back then you couldn’t do it without natural 20/20 vision, so I was rejected. My attitude was, I’ll do it, but I’ll never fly for somebody. I was never gonna be a commercial pilot. If I’m gonna fly, I’m gonna have to own my own plane.” 

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“When you get into these big jets, it’s a lot more fun. It’s faster, you’re higher.  To be able to get up there in the cockpit and fly a plane—you’re doing things that most people don’t get to do. There’s nothing but you and the sky. It’s a moment of total awe.”

“It’s one of the reasons I like golf, because you are in the middle of a city, but you’re getting away from it all and onto the greens.”

“With jets, you’re faster, you’re  higher.”

“Once you’re up in the air and on autopilot, it can be boring. Takeoffs and landings are everything.”

“I loved Wall Street; I didn’t really care for mortgages. But it was a lot of money. After mortgages, it was time for me to do something I really cared for. I had an understanding of all the obstacles and problems of this industry. My attitude was ‘I’m going to get in there and I’m gonna solve some problems.’”

“People think private jets are ‘too expensive.’ Our program challenges this notion. There’s no need to spend millions buying an aircraft or hunting for charters. Our platform grants access to a network with over 7,000 planes under one network. It also guarantees fixed pricing, unlike dealing with individual companies where costs can be unpredictable.”

“I launched ONEflight out of a passion to address the challenges in the private aviation industry. My goal was to solve problems, but it wasn’t just about flying. I wanted to offer something unique, something the public hadn’t seen before.”

“Everyone was doing charters or fractional ownerships. I envisioned a country club in the sky.”

“This concept isn’t just about the benefits of private jet travel; it was about offering a comprehensive lifestyle experience. We’ve created a club where members don’t just enjoy flying on a private jet. We’re giving people access to a lifestyle that they can’t buy.”

“People charter a jet, and that’s all they get—a flight from A to B. We give them more: tailored catering, VIP services, and black car transfers right to your plane.”

“Now, let’s take it to another level. Through our relationships with our brand ambassadors—the Shark Tank guys, Hollywood celebrities like Kurt Russel, Kevin Costner, Jason Bateman, Courteney Cox—we’ve developed other aspects around the flying experience—outings with ONEflight celebrity ambassadors, getting in the pits with the drivers at Formula 1 races, playing golf with the pros. You can pay for a jet, but you can’t pay for an invite to dinner with Kevin O’Leary on a private superyacht in Miami. ONEflight makes that possible.”

“If you want to build a business, develop the deepest roots. To me, it’s like growing a tree. If your roots are weak, a hurricane’s gonna knock you down. But if your roots are strong, even a tornado can’t topple you. Your business may grow a little slower, but it’ll grow a lot stronger.”

“Our company’s foundation is built on technology. Our software team has developed the proprietary technology driving all of our operations. We’ll unleash this tech to the wider industry, paving the way for hassle-free, on-demand private jet travel.”

“The Uber Jets concept is coming soon. You’ll be able to book a private jet on the fly and get yourself on a plane within three hours.”

“Colorado is one of the best states out there. While my business is global, my roots are right here. The culture in Denver is a bit more relaxed than in places like Miami, New York, or California. Denver is experiencing a growing international influence, yet I don’t believe it will ever become truly cosmopolitan—and that’s a good thing. It helps us stay grounded.”