3 Great Spots to Lounge at Denver International Airport

Ground yourself and discover a new place of respite at one of Denver International Airport’s world-class airport lounges.

1Capital One Lounge

Ditch your seat at the gate for an ensemble of revitalization amenities such as soundproof working booths, immersive pods equipped with guided meditation, shower suites, and gourmet grab-and-go meals. Located in Concourse A, the relaxation room is a chamber of serenity, featuring zen lighting and a state-of-the-art massage chair. Before boarding, take advantage of the full bar and indulge in craft cocktails or an upgraded mimosa.

2United Club

Concourse B is home to the world’s largest United airport lounge, totaling 35,000 square feet. The new leisure hub can accommodate 600 guests in its three-level layout, complete with comfy seating, a gourmet buffet, and a fireplace. Fuel up for your flight with a hand-crafted Denver omelet before finding a cozy nook to watch the company’s humorously cheesy rom-com shot entirely at DEN. Or maybe just find a seat at the bar instead.

3The Centurion Lounge

Behind a wall of glass towering above the terminal in Concourse C, this lounge offers private cubicles for last-minute work and a variety of dining options. It’s DEN’s first non-airline lounge, and card members can unwind with local Colorado brews in an adults-only craft beer lounge, adorned with posh pool tables, wall puzzles, and tabletop shuffleboard. Before heading out the door, freshen up in a private shower suite.