Upswell Dynamic Wellness Opens in Denver

The holistic company Upswell Dynamic Wellness offers yoga classes, HITT workouts, a running club, post-workout recovery, healing treatments, retreats and happy hours.

Upswell class leader talks to attendees with a microphone.
Photo by From The Hip Photo.

Upswell Dynamic Wellness follows the mantra: clear, move, play and explore. “When you integrate these principles together, you get the prescription for dynamic wellness,” says Co-owner Anthony Chavez. The team believes in clearing physical and emotional tension, seeing movement as progress, making time to play and exploring what is possible when you connect your body and mind. Their studio location near Cherry Creek just opened this month, though they have been running outdoor classes since this Spring.

Classes and Activities

Their classes, Ignite, a vinyasa-based HIIT class, Burn, a zero-impact mat class, Upswell Vinyasa, a traditional flow and Release, a trigger point and myofascial release mat class, all help clients unwind, workout and inspire everyone who signs up. While most of the classes are in-person, some are also offered online.

Some of these classes also happen virtually over Zoom. “Burn gets at our core mission—your core,” says Chavez. “It’s about stabilizing your body to mobilize your joints. We create actual engagement of every single layer of the muscles that wrap your body’s core, not just the six-pack. Ignite is a great opportunity to move and play at the same time, Upswell Vinyasa is the perfect end to a long day and Release hurts so good. All of our classes and offerings are meant to meet you where you are, so there is something for everyone.” Throughout the Summer, up until Labor Day, Upswell will be doing an outdoor series at City Park on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings with a workout class or running club, recovery and social time afterward. Chavez explains that at Upswell, “We are creating a space that takes people from community to comradery.” There is also a snack bar at the studio serving small bites, wine and beer.

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Upswell class attendees do yoga outdoors at Denver's City Park.
Photo courtesy of Upswell.

Post-workout Recovery

Taking care of your body after working out is just as important as the workout itself. Upswell offers Infrared Sweat Sessions for detoxing, Normatec Compression for massaging your legs, hips and arms, HyperIce X Knee Therapy for providing cold/hot contrast therapy, HyperIce Venom Back Session for amplifying the soothing power of heat with compression and vibration to melt away the stress and tension in your core.

Upswell also has talented practitioners who take healing to a whole new level with these two unique healing methods: Rolf Structural Integration, Reiki Treatment and Lymphatic Drainage. The Rolf Structural Integration creates real and lasting change. “This is similar to a massage but focuses on the connective tissue rather than the belly of the muscle. You actually leave taller than you came in.” The Reiki Treatment is a contactless energy technique used to release stress and tension. “You will leave feeling more grounded and at peace, much like yoga.” Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle massage to increase the movement of the lymph fluids and stimulate your immune system.

Extend Yours Flow

Upswell is taking their flow on the road with a trip to Costa Rica this November (Nov. 26 – Dec. 3) and smaller one and two-day trips around Colorado every other month. In August, mark your calendar for the 13th for a trip to Roxborough and Chatfield Lake, and again on September 17 and 18 for two smaller day trips to nearby lakes and the Flatirons. During these unique trips, you can enjoy guided rafting, stand up paddle boarding, cycling, hiking, curated workshops, infrared sauna sessions and yoga classes.

Visit to sign up for classes and get more information on upcoming trips.