Trelle & Co.’s Upscale Pickleball Bags

Trelle & Co.’s pickleball bags are where function meets fashion, crowning you a champion both on and off the court.

Trelle & Co.’s Ace & Carry bag

In the thriving pickleball scene of Denver and beyond, a sport often synonymous with spirited rallies and rather enthusiastic communities, Trelle & Co. has volleyed into the spotlight—but not for the reasons you might expect. In the world of Trelle & Co., every game is an opportunity to make a friend, make a statement, and maybe, just maybe, make a difference.

Makers of upscale, functional pickleball bags, Trelle’s isn’t just another tale of a sportswear startup; it’s a saga of serendipity and style, all served up by founders Elise Markel and Nancy Shipp. The duo turned their chance encounter at a party into a smashing courtside accessories brand headquartered in Denver.

Markel and Shipp’s journey from “Who are you again?” to “We should totally start a company!” is the stuff of modern folklore. What began as a shared love for a sport that’s part tennis, part badminton, and all fun soon evolved into a mission to fill a glaring gap in the pickleball world: gear that doesn’t skimp on style. Enter Trelle & Co., a brand that’s less about selling bags and more about selling a belief: that pickleball isn’t just a game, it’s a lifestyle, and it demands accessories that are as bold and spirited as the players themselves.

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Trelle & Co.’s Bestie bag

Trelle & Co.’s lineup isn’t just a collection of bags; it’s a tribute to the courtside community—a motley crew of enthusiasts from every walk of life, united by the love of the game. Each design reflects the founders’ journey, from the Bestie, a bag that’s as reliable and chic as the friend who drags you to early morning games, to the Ace & Carry, made for the player who’s always on the go.

The brand’s support for SHE-CAN (Supporting Her Education Changes A Nation) is a nod to the philosophy that true success comes from lifting others as you climb. For Markel and Shipp, it’s about creating a legacy that’s measured not just in sales but in the impact made on lives, one scholarship at a time.

They’ve come to think of “Trelle” as a verb. Its definition: “to live a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisure hobbies and activities, and a cultivation of life’s pleasures.” To trelle is to engage in the pursuit of the good life, the promise of which is what draws so many people to pickleball from the start. They come to the courts to embrace the game, the laughs, the mishaps, and, yes, the gear that comes with it.