Tools for the Best Facial Beauty Routine

Master your beauty routine and get spa-like results at home with these gizmos and gadgets recommended by the experts at Face Foundrié, an all-inclusive facial bar in Cherry Creek.

Skin Scrubber

Skin Scrubber

Boost your skincare regimen by applying Face Foundrié’s Day + Night Lavish, or your preferred cleanser, to this scrubber’s antimicrobial, antibacterial pad. Gentle circular motions across your face not only purify but also exfoliate, freeing pores and enhancing absorption of skincare products, ultimately leading to firmer, rejuvenated skin.

Rose Quartz Roller

Rose quartz roller

Use upward, soothing strokes with rose quartz— the stone of self-love. Ideal for de-puffing and promoting circulation, this roller is a gentle yet effective tool for a rejuvenating facial massage and enhanced product absorption.

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Facial Cups

Facial cups

These cups work wonders on inflammation and fine lines, sculpting and toning as they go. Glide from chin to ear with your favorite oil, stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage for a visibly firmer, plumper look. They work on your lips, too!

Pink Balls Face Massager

Pink balls face massager

Effortlessly contour and rejuvenate with the cheeky, disco- ball-esque spheres. Glide it upwards along cheeks and jawlines to chisel, and swipe downwards on the neck to drain the lymphatic system and flush out toxins. Ideal after using an ice roller and enhanced with a hint of face oil to prevent pinching, this tool mimics a professional facial massage, stimulating blood flow and promoting natural antiaging.

Gua Sha Stone

Gua Sha stone

Harnessing centuries of ancient Chinese medicine tradition, this compact tool is tailored for every facial contour. Its scalloped edge shines on your forehead, while other sides masterfully navigate from brow bone to neck. Using light pressure, glide it in one direction, lubricated with facial oil, to release tension and promote circulation, revealing a refreshed, toned, and healthier complexion.

Hot Mess Ice Roller

Hot mess ice roller

Pop this baby into the fridge or freezer overnight and let the chill kickstart your morning routine. The cold therapy helps to contour, tighten, and de-puff your complexion. Use it before or after face oil in the morning, and let it wrap up your routine at night to help lock serums and moisturizing ingredients into your pores.