Lakehouse: Colorado’s First WELL-Certified Community

A modern lakefront community well integrated with the surrounding nature of Denver’s second-largest park, Lakehouse is Colorado’s first WELL-certified residential community.

Lakehouse building
Photo courtesy of Lakehouse.

In the heart of the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood, Lakehouse is not just a residential complex; it’s a testament to the evolving dialogue about wellness in architecture. Developed by NAVA Real Estate Development, this 196-unit community does more than just offer luxury living; it delves into the realm of WELL Certification, becoming Colorado’s first foray into this health-centric building standard.

What sets Lakehouse apart is not just its stunning views or proximity to Sloan’s Lake Park. It’s the underlying philosophy that wellness can be, and perhaps should be, a foundational aspect of home design. This idea is brought to life through the integration of elements like biophilic design, enhanced air quality, and community-focused spaces. It’s a concept that’s easy to overlook in the pursuit of aesthetic and functional design, yet Lakehouse prioritizes it, prompting a reconsideration of what we expect from our living spaces.

The implications of this approach are not merely theoretical. A comprehensive study conducted by Colorado State University’s Institute for the Built Environment over three years provides empirical backing. The study, examining 83 variables across physical, social, and emotional health, revealed significant improvements in residents’ well-being in 36 areas. This is no small feat, considering the diverse challenges modern urban living presents.

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Lakehouse garden
Photo courtesy of Lakehouse.

Lakehouse’s commitment to wellness goes beyond the conventional. The community kitchen, urban farm, and fitness amenities are more than luxurious add-ons; they are integral to fostering a sense of community and personal well-being. Residents report not just improved physical health, but also stronger social bonds and enhanced emotional health. These are qualitative changes that reshape the narrative of urban living.

In the grander context of Denver’s architectural landscape, Lakehouse stands as a pioneer, questioning and redefining the norms of residential design. It’s a bold statement in a city already known for its innovative spirit and a reminder that our environments profoundly influence our daily lives. The WELL certification is not just a badge; it’s a reflection of a deeper commitment to resident health and a benchmark for future developments.