Tingala: Exotic Tingling Spirits

Colorado’s buzz button spirit brand Tingala is a foray into uncharted sensory territories.

Tingala Spirits
Photo by Jake Holschuh.

In the blossoming spirits landscape of Colorado, Tingala stands out as a trailblazer, infusing cocktails with an element of the unexpected—like nothing you’ve experienced before. With its roots tracing back to exotic Brazilian flowers, Tingala presents a taste profile that’s as unique as its origin.

Tingala liqueur, boasting a cinnamon-allspice foundation with lemon-citrus highs, is a blend of the savory, the herbal, and the subtly floral. But the real showstopper is the inclusion of fresh tropical spilanthes flowers, also known as buzz buttons. This key ingredient bestows its signature tingling sensation, reminiscent of a Pop Rocks adventure but matured for the adult palate. It’s not just a drink; it’s a tactile journey.

The magic of Tingala lies not just in its flavor but also in its ability to amplify other tastes. Susan Tews, the brand’s founder, notes that the spilanthes botanical, or nature’s “supertaster flower,” subtly increases salivation and opens the taste buds. This makes Tingala an exceptional companion to both drinks and food. Try following a sip of water or a Colorado craft beer with Tingala to discover a heightened taste experience. This trick also works wonders with various food flavors, from creamy and salty to bittersweet.

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Denver’s adventurous mixologists have already embraced Tingala, weaving its character into cocktails at locales like The Nickel at Hotel Teatro and Adrift. At AJ’s Steakhouse (formerly Clairette Wash Park) Forget Me Not cocktail shown here featuring Tingala, showcases the spirit’s versatility and appeal. Taste for yourself what the fuss is about; bottles are available at retailers throughout the region.