Gallery Crawl: K Contemporary, Walker Fine Art, and RedLine Contemporary Art Gallery

Denver’s art scene, a hub for innovation and accessibility, shines this spring as leading contemporary galleries, including K Contemporary, Walker Fine Art, and RedLine Contemporary Art Gallery, showcase diverse new exhibitions. These spaces exemplify the city’s creative spirit, offering dynamic perspectives on contemporary art that invite those seeking beyond the conventional to explore the unique contributions to the Mile High City’s cultural landscape.

Trey Egan, Love Laden And Lilting/Too Much Unsaid, 2023, oil on canvas
59 X 59 in.
Trey Egan, Love Laden And Lilting/Too Much Unsaid, 2023, oil on canvas 59 X 59 in. Image courtesy of the artist and K Contemporary.

K Contemporary

K Contemporary, under the stewardship of Doug Kacena, transforms a downtown space into a crucible of contemporary artistry. Kacena, a visionary with an artist’s heart and a curator’s eye, has propelled K Contemporary to the forefront of the Denver art scene. Known for its artistforward approach, K Contemporary not only showcases a diverse array of talents but also plays a pivotal role in bringing Denver’s art scene to international platforms. This gallery is not just a space; it’s a movement. This March, the gallery presents Layer It/Divide It by Trey Egan, a solo exhibition that epitomizes the artist’s deft hand at navigating the chaos of creation, of oil paint and abstraction, alongside ongoing exhibitions of French Caribbean multimedia artist Marielle Plaisir and textile artist Anne von Freyburg.

Walker Fine Art

Walker Fine Art, located in the Prado building in the Golden Triangle arts district, stands as a testament to the transformative. The gallery’s latest exhibition, Stripped, opening on March 22 with an artist reception, features six artists who offer a provocative exploration into the essence of creation through the art of reduction and abstraction. From photography to steel, the works presented invite viewers into a world where form and void coalesce, offering a fresh perspective on the material and immaterial. Featuring the artwork of Morgan Robinson, Doug Haeussner, Zelda Zinn, Sandra Klein, Theresa Clowes, and Lee Heekin, Stripped remains on display until May 11.

RedLine Contemporary Art Center

RedLine Contemporary Art Center is more than a gallery—it’s a vision brought to life by the philanthropic spirit of Laura Merage, designed to inspire through its green ethos and cutting-edge design by Semple-Brown. RedLine champions the underdog—the emerging artist with a voice that echoes off the Rockies. This month, it throws open its doors to Telegraph Valley, an ambitious project by LA Samuelson, on March 16, with performances March 21–23. Samuelson, alongside sound artist Adam Stone and dramaturg Elle Hong, curates an experience that’s as much about receiving messages through the body as it is about sending them. It’s a performance and an installation, a must-see and a must-feel, that dives into the essence of human connection through technology, using eclectic materials and soundscapes to explore the transmission of feelings and memories. It promises a unique sensory experience.

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