The Rivian R1T

A camping-friendly, blazingly fast all-electric truck, the Rivian R1T showcases the EV startup’s Colorado-oriented mix of futuristic tech and capability

Rivian R1T
Photo courtesy of Rivian.

The brand-new, hipster-oriented Rivian showroom in RiNo speaks to the urban adventurer lifestyle that the upstart company is attracting for its innovative, all-electric automobiles. It’s now much easier to get your hands on the company’s R1T pickup, a stylish, technologically advanced vehicle that is giving Detroit’s traditional truck-makers a run for the money as they struggle to get their own EV pickups to market.

From its cartoon-styled headlights to its sleek and swept body, the R1T takes pickup traditions and adds a range of modern touches suited for Colorado camping weekends and biking excursions. The truck’s bed features a hidden storage deck, power outlets, and a built-in electric air pump, while a large tentand- gear tunnel underneath the rear seats and bed provides even more locked storage. Add a rooftop camping setup and the R1T can automatically adjust its suspension to cope with an off-camber overnight spot.

Starting at $73,000 for a 533-horsepower, dual-electric-motor system with a 270-mile range, the R1T can be upgraded to 835 horsepower—one motor per wheel, producing power that rivals an Italian supercar—or a long-range battery giving the truck as much as 410 miles of range. Another must-have is the all-terrain package, supplementing the R1T’s wheels and adding underbody protection, which allows the truck surprisingly robust off-road capability. A large in-cabin touchscreen also facilitates Rivian’s frequent over-the-air updates, which now include a pet safety temperature system and a recording video system that can be linked to a bikes-and-kayaks gear lock.

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The Stats

50,000 vehicles expected to be produced in 2024

11,000 pounds of towing capacity

11.7 cubic feet of storage in the Gear Tunnel