The Evans Scholars Foundation

Exploring the transformative impact of the Evans Scholars Foundation through the philanthropic journey of Geoff “Duffy” Solich, from caddy to community leader.

Duffy Solich speaking during a press conference
Photo courtesy of The Western Golf Association.

From the undulating fairways of The Broadmoor to the leadership boards of Colorado’s golfing community, Geoff “Duffy” Solich has made an indelible mark on the sport and its budding enthusiasts. As a veteran of the caddying ranks and a recipient of the life-changing Evans Scholarship, Solich’s journey from a youthful caddy to a beacon of philanthropy embodies the spirit of giving back that thrives in the heart of Colorado’s golf scene.

Solich’s story begins at the age of 12, toting golf bags across the hilly terrain of The Broadmoor, where he learned the ropes not just of the game but of life itself. “Caddying was something that shaped my young life and gave me the opportunity to apply for the Evans Scholarship, which was really a pivotal move for my future,” Solich says. His early mornings on the course taught him the virtues of hard work and determination, lessons that would later fuel his endeavors off the green.

The Evans Scholarship, awarded to caddies excelling in both the bag room and the classroom, was Solich’s “rifle-shot” approach to accessing higher education—an opportunity that seemed distant during his upbringing in a bustling, lower-middle-class household of five boys. This scholarship not only paved his way to college but also instilled a deep-seated desire to extend that bridge to others.

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Recognizing a gap in local youth engagement with golf, particularly the scarcity of caddy programs in Colorado compared to the Midwest, Solich, alongside his brother George, spearheaded the establishment of the Solich Caddie & Leadership Academy. Launched in 2012 at CommonGround Golf Course in Aurora, the academy has since expanded, creating pathways for young caddies across the state to secure their own Evans Scholarships. “We established a training program, a way to encourage and get more young men and women involved in caddying,” Solich says.

The impact of the Solich brothers’ efforts is quantifiable and profound: nearly 350 young individuals have passed through the academy’s programs, with 45 securing scholarships to date. These numbers translate into real futures, with education now within reach for those who might have considered it beyond their grasp.

This summer, the spotlight returns to Colorado with the BMW Championship at Castle Pines Golf Club—a significant event not only for its competitive nature but also for its philanthropic impact. “The bulk of all the proceeds go toward the Evans Scholars Foundation,” Solich says, highlighting the nearly $50 million raised since BMW became the event’s lead sponsor in 2007.

As Castle Pines prepares to host this prestigious tournament, Solich’s story serves as a reminder of golf’s broader role: not just as a sport but as a vehicle for transformation and community building. It’s a narrative of giving that continues to inspire, one caddy loop, one scholarship at a time.