Denver Women’s Chorus’ “My Body, My Voice” Concert

Community is the driving force of the Denver Women’s Chorus, sharing stories of women’s resilience in the upcoming My Body, My Voice concert.

Denver Women's Chorus on stage
Photo by Seth McConnell.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, the Denver Women’s Chorus is gearing up to revisit one of its most impactful concert series yet: My Body, My Voice. Initially debuted in November 2022, just five months after the monumental Dobbs v. Jackson decision, My Body, My Voice is a collection of powerful compositions that speaks to the frustration many members of the chorus felt in the wake of the decision.

While the performers were disheartened, artistic director, Dr. Clelyn Chapin, shares, “It was a way of collectively coping together. It was cathartic and gave us the energy to stay connected to politics.” This sense of community is a large part of what drives the chorus, Chapin explains. “We have older singers who have worked very hard for their own personal liberation, and when we have new people come in, that sense of liberation is palpable.” Whether it’s giving them the courage to come out to family or to share their pronouns at work, DWC plays a crucial role in supporting its members no matter their story.

And if there’s one thing Chapin stands for, it’s the power of music as a tool for empowerment. “There’s something more powerful about singing words over speaking them, and sometimes people hear things in a different way when messages are turned out through song,” she says, addressing the historical role of music in the women’s movement. It’s this type of power that the chorus plans to harness during their performance of My Body, My Voice this June, where they’ll be joined by Phoenix, Colorado’s transgender chorus, to perform selections such as “I Have A Voice” by Moira Smiley and “Hello Birmingham” by Ani DiFranco.

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If you’re planning to attend one of their events this year and want to get involved, DWC makes it simple for audience members to aid in the cause. Chapin confirms: “We almost always have some kind of action step that our audience can take if they’re compelled by what they hear.”

Experience My Body, My Voice at the Levitt Pavilion on June 27 with free entry for all.