High-Tech Golf Simulators Installed by Bravas

Whether as part of a larger smart-home project or a standalone installation, Bravas Colorado ensures that your golf simulator is as enjoyable as it is functional.

Golfzon golf simulator
Photo by Jessica Blackwell, courtesy of Bravas Colorado.

Imagine stepping into your own personal golf haven, where you can shave strokes off your game, host endless rounds with friends, and play the world’s most prestigious courses—all from the comfort of home. With a Golfzon golf simulator installed by Bravas, this dream becomes reality.

Bravas Colorado specializes in integrating cutting-edge technology with sophisticated design to create luxurious, functional spaces. Their expertise in home automation and smart technology extends to designing dedicated golf simulator rooms, seamlessly blending high-end sports technology with interior design. A recent project in The Club at Ravenna exemplifies their capability, showcasing a home on the golf course enhanced with a state-of-the-art Golfzon simulator.

“Step one is usually a consultation to check out the space and get a feel for what you want the finished product to look like,” says Palmer Thomas, a business development specialist with Bravas Colorado. Common installation spots include basements and garages, offering ample space and height for an immersive experience.

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Basement theater
Photo by Jessica Blackwell, courtesy of Bravas Colorado.

The technology behind Golfzon simulators is unmatched. Featuring a moving swing plate, high-speed cameras, and an auto-tee system, these simulators replicate the nuances of real-world golf courses. The swing plate adjusts to match the lie of the ball, simulating slopes and uneven terrain, providing a realistic challenge. High-speed cameras capture every moment of your swing, offering precise feedback with zero latency.

“For one project we are working on, the client is converting a detached garage into a media space,” says Jordan Pieper, Bravas Colorado residential sales. “Garage conversions are nice because they are usually a little bigger, a little taller.” This flexibility allows homeowners to create a dedicated space that feels like a high-end sports venue.

Golfzon’s simulators boast partnerships with over 200 renowned courses, including St. Andrews and Pebble Beach. This offers an immersive, lifelike golfing experience that captures the essence of playing on these iconic tracks. The simulators’ data-driven insights and training programs provide instant feedback, helping golfers improve their game.

Basement theater and Golfzon golf simulator
Photo by Jessica Blackwell, courtesy of Bravas Colorado.

The Club at Ravenna project highlights the versatility of Bravas’ installations. The homeowner wanted a “party room” in the basement, complete with a bar area and a golf simulator. The space was designed with safety in mind, including a guardrail to prevent accidents. The installation features Golfzon’s advanced technology, including the auto-tee system, which funnels balls back and tees them up automatically. “It’s one of the coolest things that Golfzon does and it’s the most sought-after feature,” says Pieper.

With the ability to play year-round, regardless of weather, and the convenience of playing on your schedule, it’s no wonder these simulators are popular in Colorado.