The Best Colorado-made Camping Gear

These gadgets and gear will perfectly prepare you for your next night under the stars.

Take advantage of our great outdoors for more than just a day. August is the perfect time to plan your next camping trip. From camping and outdoor cooking must-haves to climbing and hiking gear, this guide of Colorado-made gadgets will get your camping trip off to a great start. Here’s what you need:

Absolute Essentials To Keep You Comfy Outdoors

Big Agnes Big House 4 tent.

Big House 4: The first essential you need camping is a shelter for the family. Fit up to four people under one roof with The Big House 4. This three-season tent is great for base or car camping. $400

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Big Agnes Anvil Horn °30 sleeping bag.

Anvil Horn °30: Never get a better night’s sleep camping than when you are nestled into this lightweight down sleeping bag. With integrated padding underneath, this bag is your one-stop-shop for a good night’s sleep under the stars. $270

Big Agnes Rapide SL Insulated Tent Floor Pad.

Rapide SL Insulated Tent Floor Pad: Make your camping bed feel like home with this inflatable mattress. You and your tent mate will both be snoozing in luxury. $300

Find here Big Agnes

Camping Gear To Cook Like a Chef

Jetboil Flash Stove Cooking System.

Jetboil Flash Stove Cooking System: Ignite this stove with the click of a button and in just two minutes have boiling water for cocoa, caffeine and cooking. The new design optimizes safety. $110

MSR Trail Lite Solo Cook Set.

MSR Trail Lite Solo Cook Set: Light and compact, this set has everything one person could need. Perfect for pasta, soup and other one-pot meals that will keep you traveling light and well-fed on the trails. $60

GSI Microgripper Lightweight Pot Gripper.

GSI Microgripper Lightweight Pot Gripper: The miniature, silicone accessory should not be forgotten! Avoid painful burns as the convenient pot gripper attaches magnetically to the fuel canister while cooking so it’s always at hand. $6

Available at Feral

Get a Grip With This Climbing Gear

Friction Labs Secret Stuff Hygienic – 80% Alcohol Liquid Chalk.

Secret Stuff Hygienic – 80% Alcohol Liquid Chalk: Get a grip on germs with the first-ever hygienic climbing chalk. Made with an 80% ethyl alcohol base, this high-performance, pure magnesium carbonate formula is engineered to provide unparalleled grip and reduce the spread of germs. $19

Climbskin Hand Repair cream.

Climbskin Hand Repair: Make sure your hands can keep up with the rest of you! Preventing splits, cracks and excessive sweating, this chemist, biologist and dermatologist-created balm is much more absorbent and penetrating than typical wax-based formulas. $25

Premium Leukotape P Climbing Hand and Finger Tape.

Premium Leukotape P Climbing Hand and Finger Tape: With these large rolls, you don’t have to worry about running out of tape often. It is extremely sticky on one side so it doesn’t fall off when you’re climbing and need it most. The other side has a texture that feels so natural it blends in with the rock. $14

Find more like these at Friction Lab
Also available at rock climbing gyms like Movement and Denver Bouldering Club or Denver area Wilderness Exchange Unlimited and Topo Designs.

The Perfect Packs for Hiking

West Slope Pro 180 Slim pack.

Pro 180 Slim: Perfect for action sports, running, hiking and mountain biking this front-facing pack is designed to minimize rattling. There is still ample room for storing phones, small cameras, an extra layer and other essentials. $70

West Slope Terraform backpack.

Terraform: This larger, full capacity 15L pack also transforms into a lightweight running vest that holds two 16 oz. bottles. Designed for comfort, the Terraform has padding, adjustable sides and customizable fitting. $140

West Slope Chest Pack.

Chest Pack: This is the most convenient way to access everyday essentials on the trail. The front-facing low-profile pack contours to your body’s shape and offers a small storage area. $40

Available at West Slope

Whatever your gear needs are this Summer, Colorado is guaranteed to have some great companies making top-of-the-line gadgets perfect for you. Take a look at your local market and gear up to get outside.