Kelty: The Perfect Colorado Sleeping Bag

No need for counting sheep when you zip into a Kelty sleeping bag for your night under the stars.

Family all bundled in Kelty sleeping gear
Photo courtesy of Kelty.

I am a lender when it comes to most of my gear. But not my sleeping bag. There is something deeply personal about that one. Perhaps it’s because I don’t really wash it. Sure, I’ve sprayed a few products I got from REI on it that promise to leave a “clean linen smell” but alas, my camping cocoon is forever flavored with my pine-scented pillow talk and Juice Beauty sunscreen that smells like Fruit Loops. Or perhaps I don’t share because my Kelty sleeping bag is one of my all-time treasured camping essentials. I feel so comfortable in its buttery soft lining and down feathers that I sleep like a baby every night under the stars. So if you are searching for a new sack to help you slumber outside, Kelty has you covered … literally from head to toe.

Kelty’s bags are made with both down feathers and synthetic material to fit the environment you will be camping in and the style of camping you will be doing (backpacking vs. car camping). Down is lighter and keeps you warmer in dry climates whereas synthetic is heavier and more water-repellant. I have the Supernova down bag and it’s perfect for Colorado. One of my other favorite features is the ability to unzip my feet from the bag and let the little piggies get some much-needed mountain air in the middle of the night. But I’m never too hot because Kelty offers a range of bags that will keep me warm from 50 to 0 degrees. The semi-rectangular shape gives me more space to snuggle into my sleeping spot, and the natural-fit foot box is more spacious than most sleeping bags. I store my phone or headlamp in the interior pocket so I don’t need to fumble through my tent in the dark. (Justin, my fiancé, appreciates this.) And I can completely unzip any of the bags and use them as a blanket around the campfire. (Justin appreciates this too—when I choose to share!) You can even zip two bags together for a double trouble cuddle puddle. As I snuggle into my Kelty sleeping bag at the end of a long day of hiking, I’m reminded that comfort and companionship can make any adventure feel like home.

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