Eco-friendly, Elegant Kitchen Design by Spark Interiors

Spark Interiors creates an eco-friendly, functional kitchen with elegant, modern touches.

A functional, modern kitchen acts as a calm backdrop to the busy “heart of the home” commotion. For instance, this sleek black and white kitchen consists of open spaces, minimalist features and simple color palettes, which offer a clutter-free space to relax and entertain. Here’s how it came to be.

The Inspiration

“One of the first things we do with new clients is look at their collection of images and inspiration. These clients came to us with photos of deep, moody rooms, bright brass accents and jewel tones,” says Spark Interiors Principal Designer & Founder Megan Thompson.

When it came to the unique island countertop— Thompson says she had seen this pattern by Cambria a couple of years prior to the remodel and was determined to use it as a dramatic focal point when the time was right. “Our clients also have an amazing collection of artwork and objects, so we wanted to provide a bit of drama and fun, yet leave room for them to showcase their collection. It was important to me that we work to keep that balance in the end.”

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Nonetheless, the black and white was something Thompson had also always wanted to try. Plus, a two-toned kitchen was gaining popularity and she thought it was just dramatic enough, without pushing it. “Had we gone all black, it would have felt too heavy for the space. Similarly, if we had done another white kitchen, it would not have felt as special.”

Putting It All Together

Previously, the kitchen only had one access point. There was a half-wall where the island sits now. “In order to get into the kitchen, you’d have to walk all the way around. By opening this up, we were able to allow more natural light into the kitchen, provide more functional access and create a secondary sitting space at the island.”

Thompson says her clients like to entertain, so it was also important that the new space accommodate guests and function with ease. “Since this is a city condo, the dining and living room are open spaces, and now that the kitchen is also open, it creates a space that feels larger and more luxurious.”

Making Her Mark

From breathtaking mountainside chalets to eye-catching downtown Denver offices, Thompson’s design firm serves the Denver Metro area, Summit County and the Vail Valley. Having tailored beautiful spaces since 2013, she specializes in modern, full-service, eco-conscious remodels and renovations.

“What I love is designing a room that just blows away our clients in the presentation, and then getting to tell them that the flooring is GreenGuard Certified, or that the decorative objects are handmade by women using reclaimed wood and steel, for example. I stand by our responsibility to ensure the health and welfare of our clients. You are not going to get vinyl if you hire us… it is unlikely that we will be recommending cheap, synthetic carpet, etc.”

As a result, Thompson prefers to merge sustainable choices with signature looks to shape her commercial and residential projects—while allowing her clients the opportunity for input and selection so they can rest assured they will love their new space for years to come. “Together we build a sustainable space that adapts to our client’s lifestyle.”