5 Best Ways To Use Kitchen Scraps

5 Best Ways To Use Kitchen Scraps | 5 Best | Denver Life Magazine
Photo courtesy of Sullivan Scrap Kitchen.

Sullivan Scrap Kitchen Chef and Owner Terence Rogers shares his five best tips to using up scraps while cooking.

1. Vegetable Stock

Take onion skins, bottoms of celery or any vegetable scrap and turn it into delicious homemade vegetable stock.

2. Make Simple Syrups

Instead of veggie stock, make simple syrup using beet or other sweet peels for cocktails or mocktails. This is how Rogers creates beet ginger limeade.

3. Infuse Into Oil or Vinegars

Take chili tops and seeds to make chili oil. Fruit peels can also be added to create a fruity vinegar for the base of salad dressing.

4. Cook the Tops

Many vegetables come with green tops. You can braise these like kohlrabi or beet tops or even deep fry them as a garnish like carrot tops.

5. Make a Sauce

Blanch your kale stems for pesto, turn carrot peels into a carrot purée (blended with your homemade veggie stock) or use fattier ground meat/off cuts to braise into a yummy ragu.