Sun-kissed Glow From Bronzed Denver

Bronzed Denver brightens your day by giving your skin a boost.

Even though Colorado is one of the sunniest states in the country, sometimes we still need a little help with our tan, especially in the colder months. Jaclyn Azqueta, owner of Bronzed Denver, had her own struggles with maintaining that glamorous glow before starting Bronzed. “I would seek out a quick fix, find myself paying a lot for disappointing tans, or attempt, and fail, to tan myself at home,” she says.

Post-college, Azqueta created Bronzed Denver, “I always knew I wanted to create a space and environment that feels welcoming and inclusive. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to brighten someone’s day with something as simple as an airbrush tan.” A unique addition to this company is the mobile option that services in Denver, Boulder, and Castle Rock as well as surrounding areas.

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Photo courtesy of Bronzed Denver.

Sunless vs. Sun Tanning

While UV rays can be beneficial to our health, there are certainly side effects of long-term sun exposure. “While the sun is nice for absorbing natural vitamin D, we highly suggest wearing sunscreen,” advises Azqueta. “Premature aging and cancer are often two side effects from tanning in the sun. Sunless tanning greatly minimizes damaging skin risks associated with sun tanning.”

Happy Skin Post-tan

Bronzed Denver products are as natural and organic as possible. “Our solutions are paraben-free, vegan and use certified organic ingredients,” says Azqueta. “We also have our own line of after-care tanning products including, a Bronzed Eco Body Wash, Bronzing Mousse and our Bronzed Eco Tan Extend lotion,” adds Azqueta.