Denver’s Priciest Whisky

Where to go in Denver if you want a $1,000 pour.


Bottles left to right: Kininvie Single Malt, Port Ellen, Ichiro’s Malt. Photo by Rachel Adams.

A search for Denver’s most indulgent adult beverage uncovered many contenders, from the Teller Bar’s $50 Top Hat cocktail to the two Yamazaki whiskies poured by Sushi Ronin at $500 a shot. We think we finally struck liquid gold at unassuming Pint’s Pub, where owner Scott Diamond has amassed what he believes to be the world’s largest collection of single malt whiskies. His list includes four selections priced at $1,000 a pour, and for the two at cask-strength, Port Ellen 32-year 1979 and Glen Flagler 1972, that amounts to just five-eighths of an ounce. Who buys these? “I wouldn’t sell it to someone who didn’t know what he was doing,” says Diamond. “The kid with his dad’s American Express card trying to show off, no. This is for someone with a real appreciation for the rarity and origin.”

Pint’s Pub
221 W. 13th Ave.

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