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Home automation company Harrison Home Systems wove cutting-edge technology into every inch of this custom house.

Photo by Mark Woolcott

For technology nuts, it doesn’t get more indulgent than this. A custom home project in Morrison, which took about 18 months to complete, set aside more than $250,000 in design and building costs to incorporate the latest automation technology into every aspect of the house, from the lighting to the shades to the outdoor fire pit. George Harrison of Harrison Home Systems, the company that designed and installed the tech, spoke to us about his company’s mission to stay at the forefront of custom automation with projects like this one.

How did you get involved in the project?
“This came to us by way of the home’s architect, TKP. We’ve collaborated with them a number of times over the years and love working with them.”

What ideas did the client bring to the table?
“This client owns a highly technical business and thus knows a lot about technology. He really likes concealment technology, which is used to hide televisions and the like (shown above).”

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What is your design process?
“Our firm works with every designer on a given project—interior, architect, landscape— to fully integrate technology systems into the built structure. We don’t just come in at the end and add our technology on top; we’re part of the process from start to finish. It’s an approach that really sets us apart.”

What specific tech did you integrate into this home?
“We did the audio and video systems, the central control system, automated shades, automated lighting, cameras, concealment technology, and a lot more. The client wanted to integrate technology into every aspect of the house—right down to the pool lights and the fire pit—and tether it all together with centralized controls.”

Photo by Mark Woolcott

What was the most unique aspect of the project?
“We really pushed the envelope with the concealment technology. Specifically, the dropdown TV lift in the living room (shown) is much bigger than what you usually see. That’s a 75-inch TV that rises seamlessly into the ceiling. There’s a similar lift in the upstairs bedroom that rises from the floor.”

What were some of the brands you worked with?
“The TV lifts are from Future Automation, a European company that’s at the forefront of that type of technology. For the lighting control and shades, we used Lutron, which is about as cutting-edge as it gets—the industry leader, in our opinion. We used a central control system by Savant, which we also really love. We’re one of the largest Lutron and Savant dealers in Colorado, so we have a really strong relationship with both companies.”

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