See Your Colors With Vivid Vibes Aura Photographs

Vivid Vibes Aura photography lets you see yourself in a whole new light.

Vivid Vibes Aura photographs
Photo by Taryn Davies of Vivid Vibes Aura.

Energy. It’s the vibrant pulse behind everything. We can feel it, even if we can’t see it. The ever-elusive aura isn’t just a whimsical tale spun by your spiritual friend. It’s our underlying, electrifying shield that speaks volumes about our personalities, moods, and well-being, far more than the expressions on our face ever could. In an era where authenticity reigns supreme, nothing delves deeper than understanding your very own energy.

“An aura is the energy field that surrounds your body,” says Taryn Davies, the insightful photographer behind Castle Rock’s Vivid Vibes Aura, a mobile aura photography studio serving the Front Range. While this notion may have once seemed relegated to the realm of New Age woo-woo, it’s increasingly being recognized as an authentic reflection of our innermost self, says Davies. “Aura photos let you see yourself in a new light.”

While some blessed individuals claim to view auras in their raw form, the AuraCam 6000 (essentially a modified Poloroid attached to a box with hand plates) democratizes this. “Place your hands on the hand plates, and these sensors gather your biometric data, translating it into colors that are exposed onto your portrait as your aura.”

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With each portrait comes the wisdom of a reading to interpret what the colors in your atmosphere reveal. It’s a holistic experience, granting insights that could spark introspection or catalyze personal transformations.

This fusion of technology and the esoteric has deep roots. In 1939, photographers by the name of Kirlians experimented with coronal discharge photography, and in the 1970s, Guy Coggins developed the AuraCam 6000, a technology still in use today. But like many relics, aura portraiture has found its renaissance moment. It’s cool, profound, and makes for a killer profile pic.

This glow that the photo reveals is thought to offer a guide to your current emotional realm. Basically, it’s your vibe. Every moment, you’re giving off an energy that the people around you can feel, and the rhythms of those vibrations oscillate. Swifter frequencies yield shades like blue and violet; slower ones manifest as red or orange. Every hue, subtle or bold, narrates your story—and as your story evolves, so too does your aura. “The energy field surrounding your body is always fluid, always changing,” says Davies. “And things like meditation, music, and reiki can influence it.”

If you’re in search of such illuminating experiences, you are in luck. Local aura photo services Ignite Your Aura and Aura Weaver pop up at places like Terra Apothecary, Mountain Mineral Market, and Ritual Cravt. You can find Davies’ Vivid Vibes Aura at Magick Maker’s Market at HQ Denver on Sept. 16, or follow @vividvibesaura on Instagram to learn where to find her next.