Recipe: Monica Salafia’s Smoked Oyster Tacos

Denver's Fitness Dietitian Monica Salafia shares her smoked oyster tacos recipe with us.

Clean eating doesn’t have to be boring. You just have to know what to eat and when. As Denver’s Fitness Dietitian, Monica Salafia helps people reach their individual fitness goals with food. She does this by incorporating evidence-based practices and ample experience to educate clients on how to make food fun. From powerlifter to nutrition aficionado, Salafia’s ultimate goal is to spread awareness about the importance of eating clean across the city—especially when she’s consulting for the Denver Nuggets. Here, she’s shared her recipe for healthy, smoked oyster tacos!

2 corn tortillas
2 leaves of iceberg lettuce
Unmeasured Pepita Salsa (available at any Trader Joe’s)
1 3-oz. pack of Crown Prince Smoked Oysters packed in olive oil
1 30g-packet of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts (
1 Roma tomato

1. Spray a skillet with cooking spray of choice and put on low heat
2. Add smoked oysters to skillet to warm
3. Heat up corn tortillas in microwave for 30 seconds
4. Layer on the corn tortillas: lettuce, salsa, then oysters
5. Pour out excess oil from skillet, then add hemp hearts to toast
6. While hemp hearts toast for 1-2 minutes, chop up the Roma tomato
7. Add hemp hearts and tomatoes to the tacos

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Monica Salafia, MS RD CPT


Photo courtesy Monica Salafia