Margarita Bravo’s Bold and Sophisticated Designs

Embrace the power of color with tips from Denver’s own Margarita Bravo, transforming your space into a vibrant, stylish haven.

Denver’s Margarita Bravo, a virtuoso in the realm of color, crafts interiors that pulsate with life. Leading her namesake design firm, she intertwines modern trends with enduring design principles, creating spaces that are not merely residences but reflections of individual boldness and sophistication.

Bravo’s current palette leans towards the softer, richer hues—chocolate and sand alongside dark greens and blues, which she describes as “the new neutrals.” Yet, it’s magenta that truly captivates her, revealing a preference for warmth and depth over the “grays and blacks” she finds less appealing.

Her design approach is deeply influenced by her clients’ personalities. “We wanted to create a space reflecting their bold and sophisticated style while incorporating their love of color,” Bravo explains, highlighting the role of wallpapers in adding vibrant, striking atmospheres throughout various home areas.

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Local sourcing is a hallmark of Bravo’s work, notably from the Denver Design Center Showroom. In the kitchen, where custom-made backsplash and walnut cabinets stand out, she aimed for an “exciting and intricate design” through a clever mix of stone mosaics, underscoring a commitment to personalized spaces.

The essence of Bravo’s design philosophy is a narrative of color transition, ensuring a seamless flow from one area to another while maintaining visual harmony. “When infusing bold colors into a space,” she says, “it’s essential to tell a story with the transition of colors. Create a cohesive flow by selecting complementary colors, patterns, and textures,” she advises. This approach involves strategic visual breaks to balance boldness and cohesion, ensuring the design remains engaging without overwhelming the senses—because the impact that vibrant colors can have on a room is exponential. The trick is to make a statement without unintentionally shouting visual vulgarities.

For wallpaper, Bravo believes “anywhere can be a good place for it,” advocating for appropriate texture choices, such as vinyl in high-traffic areas, to match the area’s requirements. The choice between wallpaper and tile in rooms like powder baths hinges on the desired aesthetic, with Bravo emphasizing the importance of matching the overall vision for the space. She recommends brands like Ann Sacks for tiles and ARTE for wallpapers, which offer a wide range of high-quality options to suit various design aesthetics.

Margarita Bravo’s design philosophy celebrates bold color use, balanced with nuanced design strategies to craft designs that are vibrant, harmonious, and deeply reflective of individual style. Her work exemplifies the power of personal expression in creating environments that are not just seen but felt, making every project a testament to the transformative power of interior design. You can get a feel for her approach with a visit to the new Golden Hour wine bar and social club at 32nd Street and Tejon in LoHi, where Bravo’s colorful, sophisticated work is on full display.