ISUN: Ridgway-Based Organic Skincare Brand

ISUN, a Ridgway-based organic skincare brand, curates products that nourish beyond the surface, penetrating deep into your skin to feed not just your body but also your mind and spirit.

ISUN skincare products
Photo courtesy of ISUN.

Good skincare is a science. But exceptional skincare finds synergy between science and soul. Each product in the collection by ISUN, the Ridgway-based organic skincare brand with a celebrity following, is not merely a concoction; it’s an embodiment of positive intentions and pure, life-giving ingredients.

Every formula is meticulously crafted with an eye for minutiae, down to the smallest atom, to make the biggest impact. “We hike up to a natural spring in the San Juan Mountains to retrieve water for our products,” says brand consultant and beauty expert Tracey Annette Drabloes. “The water here contains ormus, an atom in the platinum family fostering energy conductivity. When we wear or consume it, it feeds our body’s energy flow.”

Back in the lab, that water is enriched with cold-pressed all-natural active ingredients—wild-crafted and organic herbs, pure plant distillates, essential oils, and butters teeming with nutrients. Cold-pressing preserves the integrity of ingredients—to create products that Drabloes describes as “alive with wellness.”

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She points to ISUN’s Phyto-Infusion products as examples. Packed with potent antioxidants, peptides, vegan stem cells to stimulate new cell growth and boost collagen production, and vitamin C, the rejuvenating line’s serums, moisturizer, and more have earned a cult following among celebrities (Elizabeth Chambers and Lucy Hale swear by it) and high-end spas alike. The Phyto-Antioxidant Moisturizing Cream is enriched with a blend of ingredients—including 26 herbs and berries—selected for their potent benefits. The Phyto Eye Cream uses seaweed-derived probiotics to foster skin elasticity and collagen production and omega-3-rich phytoplankton to support hydration and skin repair. Rosehip seed oil and rosemary extract combine forces with ingredients like neem seed oil in the Phyto Facial Cleansing Oil to lift away impurities while moisturizing and replenishing the skin.

Stepping beyond the confines of traditional skincare norms, ISUN’s Gemstone Body Oils aim to “harmonize the vibrational energies of organic plants and therapeutic essential oils to improve your energy flow and boost your inner radiance.”

“We use a lot of crystals when making our products and designing our treatments,” says Drabloes. “The Spa at The Little Nell uses our body oils in a massage to heal and balance each chakra according to the powers of that specific crystal.”

The energy of the lapis crystal in the Lapis Soothing Body Oil is said to provide balance, while the Amethyst Calming Body Oil lightens heavy emotions and mental stress.

All ISUN products are preservative-free, instead using a natural version favored by the Utes: aspen bark. Combine this with the elegant Miron biophotonic violet glass packaging that further preserves the product, and you have purity in a bottle.