iFLY Denver: Where Everyone Can Experience Skydiving

iFLY Denver caters to people of all ages and abilities with its indoor skydiving experience.

Child hovers in a iFLY Denver skydiving simulator with an instructor.
Photo courtesy of iFLY Denver.

Ideal for family outings, birthday parties and STEM field trips, iFLY Denver offers an exhilarating experience for all ages and abilities. “Denver is an adventurous city with mountains for hiking and lots of things to explore. But not everyone wants to venture too far out to seek a thrilling experience,” says Hailey Bird, iFLY Denver’s General Manager. “iFLY offers the sensation of skydiving in a safe, comfortable and fun environment without having to jump out of an airplane.”

You don’t have to be an athlete either. iFLY’s worldclass instructors make flying safe and fun for everyone and welcome flyers from ages three to 103. While they do have members of the Air Force in Colorado Springs train for their real-life flights, iFLY also caters to flyers with special needs and hosts an All Abilities Night for the physical or cognitive-challenged community to take flight.

Child flies in a iFLY Denver skydiving simulator with the help of an instructor.
Photo courtesy of iFLY Denver.

How It Works

Each iFLY tunnel takes the proper precautions to ensure guests enjoy their flying experience by making a tremendous investment in new safety measures. For example, advanced wind tunnel technology provides guests with clean air while flying by recirculating and refreshing the air from outside the iFLY facilities. Tested and proven, iFLY’s wind tunnels create an environment at least ten times fresher than the average store or gym when flying guests—even at slow wind speeds.

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What to Expect

Each iFLY experience lasts just under two hours. This includes your check-in time, gear fitting, safety training session, flight time and gear removal at the end. They also take photos while you’re in the state-of-the-art wind tunnel that you can purchase after your flight. To give you an idea of pricing, two flights per person starts at $84.99. Contact for group rates.

Once on site and checked in, your flight instructor will review all of the safety procedures and get you suited up. For those perhaps a little apprehensive, the flight instructor will accompany you in the tunnel for the duration of the flight. All you have to do is have fun!