Get To Know the Founders of Unscripted Interior Design

We ask the founders of Unscripted Interior Design three questions.

Unscripted Interior Design | 3 Questions | May 2022 | Denver Life Magazine
Photo courtesy of Unscripted Interior Design.

Originally founded as HRI Design in 1981 and reimagined as Unscripted Interiors in 2021, CEO Kari Armstrong, COO Kate Pourhassanian and CFO Kasey Miller lead the female and family-owned firm with passion, commitment, intuition and constant inspiration.

What’s your favorite project thus far?
Kate Pourhassanian: “We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Bachelor and former NFL star Colton Underwood on his Denver home. We worked closely with Colton to create cozy spaces and entertainment areas within a minimalist, open-floor plan that would reflect both his personality and lifestyle. Building off a monochrome black aesthetic and clean lines, we incorporated luxe furnishings with rich, layered textures. In true Unscripted fashion, we had a blast incorporating statement-making pieces into the space.”

Why did you decide to pursue interior design?
Kari Armstrong: “In college, an introduction to interior design class sparked my passion, and I immediately knew my purpose in life was to pursue design. The provocative combination of materials and art in interior design ignited something within me. Driven by the pursuit of ‘unexpected’ design forms, creating powerful layered concepts that mix visual and physical elements is still an important aspect of our philosophy at Unscripted Interiors. Whether it’s in residential, commercial or custom interior spaces, we strive to develop unique and unforgettable spaces with projects in 24 states to date.”

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What awards has your company won?
Kasey Miller: “Unscripted Interiors has been honored to receive over 100 regional and national industry accolades for design excellence working in multiple states. The firm has garnered top honors from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), PCBC’s Gold Nugget Awards, Great American Living Awards and the Marketing and Merchandising Excellence (MAME) Awards, among others.”