Evergreen School of Ballet Presents Peter Pan

Evergreen School of Ballet is a boutique studio providing a complete program for ballet dancers of all ages.

Evergreen School of Ballet | The State | May 2022 | Denver Life Magazine
Photo by Colleen Lee Photography.

Evergreen School of Ballet, Co-founded by father and daughter duo Tom Palmatier and Gabe Palmatier Marshall in 2019, offers small classes in a welcoming environment for ballet dancers of all ages and abilities. When designing the studio, it was important to Marshall that she install sprung floors, which are designed to reduce the strain on young and growing bodies.

Ballet Background

Marshall, Artistic and Program Director, has had great success as a performer, choreographer, director and ballet teacher. A longtime student and company member with Blankenship Ballet and Ken Walker Dance, Marshall has performed with notably talented dancers her whole life. Her team of seven instructors at Evergreen School of Ballet has a unique and highly developed curriculum that allows dancers to build a foundation of solid technique while also enjoying expressing themselves through movement. Marshall strongly believes that “ballet instruction teaches young people the value of discipline and hard work, improves body fitness and coordination and builds self-confidence.”

Practice To Perform

The students’ preparedness for every show at Evergreen School of Ballet is due to Marshall’s teaching philosophy as well as her students’ eagerness to develop their skills. “My experience in teaching young dancers, and especially my own children, is that you can teach sound fundamentals but the younger the dancer, the more important it is to break down each technique into very small pieces,” and, “you also have to make it fun!” Marshall says. The school’s upcoming performance, Peter Pan – The Ballet, will take place May 15 at Center Stage Theatre at 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. Admission is free.

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