Fun and Cozy Boulder Home Designed by Jennifer Rhode

Interior designer Jennifer Rhode brings in lots of texture and color pops during an extensive remodel on a 1980s family home near the Boulder Flatirons.

Kitchen and outdoor area
Photo by Heather Knierim of HBK Photography.

Snug among the greenery in the Chautauqua neighborhood of Boulder lies a stunning family home, remodeled from its original 1980s design by interior designer Jennifer Rhode. Intended to create a warm, functional, and joyful space safe for the youngest members of the clan, this home’s redesign epitomizes modern comfort.

Rhode’s work draws aesthetic influences from her days at Calvin Klein, where minimalism was imperative, and from living in Amsterdam, where she discovered the Dutch philosophy of gezellig, or coziness, which she now incorporates into both her own home and her clients’.

“I want to help them create warm, personal spaces that reflect their loves and interests,” says Rhode. “I want to showcase their heritage pieces, their children’s art, their family photos, whatever is important to them. At the same time, I lean toward highly edited, modern spaces that are calm and give the eye places to rest.”

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Art found throughout the home is courtesy of Sarah Kinn, a Boulder local who works in a variety of mediums from watercolor to printing to textiles, creating bold and uplifting pieces that contribute to the home’s vibrancy. Her diverse approach to mediums, tools, and applications creates dynamic variation in each room.

Drastic expansions of the windows allow them to become an extension of the artwork, framing the mountains and trees to seamlessly integrate the home into the surrounding nature. A wall of folding glass doors opens from the kitchen and dining area onto the patio, ensuring that the home truly feels as though you’re on nature’s doorstep. To maintain this harmony with nature indoors, Rhode explains, “The interior palette—oak floors, ranges of gray tiles and cabinets and wood accents—echoes the surrounding outdoors so there is continuity between the inside and the outside.”

The restraint in this palette is both complemented and juxtaposed by the emphasis on texture, pattern, dimension, and color throughout the home’s decor. Seen in exclusive artwork, vintage rugs, felt upholstery, and crocheted ottomans, these elements emphasize the personality of both the home and family. Unique shapes and forms, such as the melted copper lighting and curvy, tufted sofa further underscore the home’s individuality. Vintage furniture, including a standout ’70s black leather lounge chair in the living room, pays homage to the home’s 20th-century origins.

Through these aesthetically stunning spaces with deeply personal touches, the home becomes a quintessential example of modern comfort, where every detail is curated to enhance daily life and the connection to its surroundings.