Dr. Prang Creates Kindness Cards for Kids

Boulder-based clinical psychologist Dr. Prang Snitbhan creates a card deck for kids with the keys to kindness.

A Kindness Cards deck fanned out and their box.

Dr. Prang Snitbhan, known by her clients as Dr. Prang, has been a therapist for two decades. She works with kids and their parents and has clinical expertise and interests in depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, life transitions and cross-cultural and diversity issues. She was inspired by her clients and daughter to create a deck of cards that gives children ages five and up resources to be better people. “Kindness makes your heart happy and benefits yourself and others. It is as simple as that,” Dr. Prang says. “It triumphs hatred, jealousy, rage and greed. And it’s contagious! Therefore, everyone has an opportunity— and I would say a responsibility—to make this world a happier and kinder place to live in.”

Grab a Deck

This deck contains 52 Kindness Cards, separated into four different colors. Each color focuses on a different skill: compassion, empathy, courage and responsibility. All the cards share different ways you can practice being kind to yourself, to your family, to your community and to the earth. Each card is designed for experiential learning. By using them, kids will naturally become more aware of how their behaviors affect others. “My intention is to create more opportunities for kids and adults to talk about kindness in various ways and share their experiences with each other. After each card, recognizing their feelings before, during and after will make each experience memorable and powerful.”

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Be Kind to Yourself

Self-compassion is an ability to have empathy and kindness towards oneself during difficult times. “I believe that self-compassion is what everyone needs as a good foundation, and becomes the source from which compassion to others can radiate. When you feel happy, it is much easier to be kind and considerate to others. Our society has emphasized the importance of being kind to others, but I see clearly that self-compassion is the necessary prerequisite for pure, genuine kindness.” You can find the cards on Shambhala Publication’s website, your local bookstore or online.

Dr. Prang Snitbhan.
Dr. Prang Snitbhan