5 Best Cold Plunges and Saunas

Five-time Ironman Eric Hinman uses Proxi, a new community map-making platform, to show off his favorite Denver watering holes.

Shocking your system is surprisingly refreshing, and great for your immune system. From natural rivers and waterfalls to man-made pools and tubs, Eric Hinman uses Proxi maps to show off his go-to splash spots around town.


Archipelago's sauna and seating area.
Photo courtesy of Eric Hinman.

Archipelago Denver is a membership club with cold plunges and saunas in its garage space. It’s a great club to meet other outdoor enthusiasts and creatives.

2Bear Creek

Bench with view across Bear Creek's lake.
Photo courtesy of Eric Hinman.

Anywhere along Bear Creek or in the lake is perfect for a cold plunge. There are deeper spots in the rapids around Idledale. Check it out!

3Denver Sports Recovery

Front entrance of the Denver Sports Recovery building.
Photo courtesy of Eric Hinman.

Complete with an infrared sauna, hot tubs and cold plunges, Denver Sports Recovery is Hinman’s everyday go-to spot in town. Drop in or become a member.

4Golden Waterfall Plunge

Stone path leading into the Golden Waterfall's river.
Photo courtesy of Eric Hinman.

100 ft. from the Golden Library down the bike path, is a waterfall that is cold year-round. Jump in from the surrounding rocks and feel the thrill.

5Restore Hyperwellness

Group dressed in robes, ready to enter a Restore Hyperwellness cold chamber.
Photo courtesy of Eric Hinman.

Come try cryotherapy, infrared sauna, IV drips, norma tec boots and red light therapy as a drop-in or member at Restore Hyper Wellness. restore.com