Denver’s Golf Simulating Level Up the Game

Golf simulators in Denver’s restaurants, bars, and hotels bring the glory of the greens into the center of our great city.

Man swinging infront of golf simulator screen
Photo courtesy of Gaylord Rockies Resort.

Golf enthusiasts are entering a new era of the sport, one where technology is swinging at the forefront. According to the National Golf Foundation, there are currently over 1,600 businesses with a simulator in its database. The foundation estimates that approximately 6.2 million Americans hit golf balls in a simulator in 2023. With high-tech launch monitors, 3D graphics, and sensor arrays, golf simulator technology has never been better, making it enjoyable for players at any skill level. As golf bars and simulators pop up throughout Denver, we look at some benefits of this expanding form of play. 

Why We Love Them

Goodbye, Weather Worries: It’s no secret that Colorado’s weather can change on a dime. Golf suites and hangar clubs allow players to practice their swing no matter the conditions outside. The indoor facilities often have advanced climate control systems to ensure optimal playing conditions despite external environmental factors. The simulators offer a hassle-free alternative to traditional golfing by eliminating the need for loading gear into your car, negotiating reservations, or waiting on the players in front of you, allowing more time to hone your game. You can practice in no time with the plethora of golf suites and hangar clubs around Denver, offering a sense of freedom and convenience like never before. 

Teeing Up For The Environment: Traditional golf courses demand significant resources to maintain their lush green appearance, often at the expense of our fragile ecosystem. On the other hand, golf simulators offer a more sustainable approach to the game. By eliminating the need for course maintenance, these facilities provide a greener alternative for golf enthusiasts who care about the environment. 

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Global Golf: Many golfers dream of playing at the top clubs in the world but simply don’t have the vacation days to make that dream come true. Golf simulators can make that dream a reality at a fraction of the cost and none of the PTO. Golf suites and hanger clubs offer the opportunity to play some of the most renowned golf courses in the world, like Pebble Beach Golf Links in California. Ranked as the number one public course in the country, Pebble Beach costs $675 for a round, not including golf cart or caddie fees. But with Denver’s Hangar Club, you can play at Pebble Beach for just $65 an hour. The affordability and accessibility open up a new world of golfing possibilities.

Level Up: Improve your golf game, no matter your skill level. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, golf suites and simulators can help you enhance your abilities. With features like swing analysis, personalized coaching, course simulations, and other technological innovations, you can fine-tune your skills and become the envy of the course.

Swinging Socially: Golf is not just a game but a social activity. The social component is an integral part of the game, whether you’re playing a full round with friends or tackling a creatively designed putt course. Golf simulators cater to the social component as much as the gameplay by providing games suitable for all skill levels, such as themed or novelty games. They also have lounge-like amenities, complete with food and beverage options. They’re excellent for an evening out with friends, family, or even a company gathering. 

Cost Conscious: A round of golf at a simulator costs about $40 for a group, whereas playing a full 18 holes, even on a public course like Golden’s beautiful Fossil Trace, can cost upwards of $100 per person. A private club membership can cost around $600 a month. Breaking down financial barriers makes the sport more accessible to families and the general public.    

Denver Bars on Par

Looking for a fun night on the town with friends while seeing whose golf game is up to par? Check out these unique golf bars in Denver. 

Stick & Feather Golf Bar & Lounge

Stick and Feather is a unique, sophisticated bar environment incorporating a premium golf simulator. The Art Deco-inspired interior design is complemented by five spacious golf bays that feature top-of-the-line Uneekor Eye XO technology. This innovative technology, developed by a pioneering South Korean company, accurately captures slow-motion club impact footage and golf ball data, enabling you to enhance your game like never before. You can play almost any course worldwide and enjoy a simulated driving range and various fun games. Although they are still in the process of obtaining a liquor license, you can purchase beer from Cohesion Brewery next door or bring your own.

The South Broadway Country Club

The South Broadway Country Club offers two locations in Denver and one in Fort Collins to cater to the local golfing and cocktail-loving community. The “Non-Members Only” club prides itself on inclusivity and believes golf should be accessible to everyone. In line with its motto, each location offers golf lessons for 30 minutes or an hour with seasoned golf instructors. The cocktail selection offers golf-inspired drinks like the whiskey-based Breakfast of Champions. And with ping-pong and billiards tables, entertainment is also available for those less golf-inclined. 

The Local Drive

Denver’s largest indoor golf facility and cocktail bar, The Local Drive, has two locations: one in the heart of the River North Arts district and the other in Longmont. Offering three standard golf simulators and two oversized options with larger screens at both locations, you can tee up at over 300 courses, including PGA tour favorites, and enjoy golf games for all skill levels. The pool sharks in the group can take advantage of their pool tables and various other non-golf bar games. The full-service cocktail bar embraces serving local products from Colorado breweries, distilleries, and wineries. 

Over Flyte

It’s par-tee time at Over Flyte, Denver’s newest entertainment zone. The three widescreen FullSwing Pro 2.0 simulators have partnered with the PGA tour to deliver a top-notch experience. For the less golf-inclined, the simulators include many other games, such as baseball, soccer, hockey, and more. In addition to the FullSwing Pro, six axe-throwing simulators offer a variety of games or traditional axe-throwing. Try a round of ping-pong for a less simulated experience before grabbing a treat from their full bar and kitchen. 

Visitors in a golf simulator lounge
Photo courtesy of Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel.

Have a Swinging Stay

Add some flair to your staycation. Denver’s top hotels now offer golf suites and simulators for travelers and weekend getaways.

Gaylord Rockies Resort 

Gaylord Rockies Resort in Aurora opened the Topgolf Swing Suites in February. Housed within the Mountain Pass Sports Bar, the suites feature various Topgolf signature games in two simulator bays. Up to eight people can play, eat, drink, or relax in each bay, accented with lounge seating, HDTVs, and food and beverage service at only $75 an hour.

Sheraton Denver Downtown

Sharpen your swing at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel’s Topgolf suite. The suite was added to the hotel with an $80 million renovation, including enhanced culinary experiences, innovative meeting spaces, and redesigned guest rooms. The Topgolf Swing Suite is in the former Peet’s Coffee space off the lobby and adjacent to the Bezel cocktail lounge. The two suites will offer Topgolf signature games on their massive screen and food and beverage service to fuel your gameplay. For guests that forgo using their own clubs, the suite will provide TaylorMade Stealth fairway woods and irons for men and TaylorMade Kalea woods and irons for women. The immersive experience costs $70 an hour for four guests.

Fun Sized

We can’t forget to mention our favorite mini-golf spots in Denver when discussing non-traditional golf experiences.

RiNo Country Club

Hit the green at the 9-hole mini-golf course in the RiNo art district. Only a 10-minute walk from the Mission Ballroom, the RiNo Country Club is perfect for pre-show fun and food. Munch on one of Denver’s highest-rated cheeseburgers while sipping hand-crafted cocktails or beers. 


PuttShack, a tech-infused 9-hole course launches mini golf of the future with out-of-this-world courses and a diverse food and beverage menu. You won’t have to worry about keeping track of points, as the patented Trackaball technology links each ball to your personalized game profile. Try to earn bonus points while avoiding hazard traps. Enjoy live DJs on weekends and Instagram-worthy aesthetics. 

Lob Denver 

Enjoy two of your favorite games merged into one for the ultimate night out at Lob Denver. The unique mix of bocce ball and mini golf offers an experience like no other. This game requires no prior experience and is fun for all ages. The extensive food and beverage menu elevates the spirited competition, with everything from ribs to Carolina Twinkies for the ideal lobbing escapade.