Unleash the Captivating Power of Poison at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Prepare to be spellbound by the paradoxical world of “The Power of Poison,” the newest temporary exhibition at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Venture into this enchanting realm where nature’s toxic arsenal takes center stage, revealing fascinating tales of illness, enchantment, and death by poison.

  • Through a live performance and interactive dioramas, this spellbinding exhibition will take you into familiar and novel tales of illness, enchantment and death by poison.
  • You’ll be transported into the heart of the Colombian forest, uncovering the secrets of the myriad plants and animals that wield poison as a formidable tool for defense and survival.
  • Learn how scientists are studying the intricate effects of poison on human cells, unlocking its potential to protect, repair and heal, ushering in groundbreaking medical treatments that could revolutionize our health. 

Whether revered as a source of mystical strength, feared as a formidable predator deterrent, or embraced as a lifesaving remedy, “The Power of Poison” will captivate you at every turn. Unlock the enigmatic world of nature’s toxic marvels and embark on an enchanting journey of discovery. Exhibition free with Museum admission. Plan your unforgettable experience at dmns.org.

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