Denver Design Group’s Wash Park Powder Room

This fanciful powder room features an offbeat, whimsical side that makes a bold statement.

Powder room designed by Denver Design Group.
FLORAL FINDS Ask about this wallpaper and custom wall coverings at Egg & Dart. Photo courtesy of Denver Design Group.

Even though the entire home remodel is top notch, we couldn’t resist highlighting this fun, flowery powder room this month. After all, isn’t it the little things that matter most? Kristina Garcia-Stack and Alexis Rubin are the designers of this beautiful toilette and co-owners of Denver Design Group, a full-service interior design firm that focuses on creating beautiful spaces that reflect their client’s personal style. “Powder rooms are a great place to go bold and do something unexpected with the design,” says Rubin. “With this Wash Park powder room, we encouraged our client to embrace a style that took a bit of a detour from the rest of the house design—yet still felt very much like her.”

The talented duo advise that wallpaper is a great way to add a pop of color and pattern to a space, especially a small bathroom. “As we looked through the wallpaper samples, our client was immediately drawn to the handmade Schumacher Chaing Mai Dragon design, which felt like a great piece of artwork,” adds Garcia-Stack. “The aesthetic in the rest of the home is calm and serene, but for the powder room we were looking for a way to express our client’s more adventurous side. The Schumacher wallpaper was a fantastic representation of her personality— vibrant, fun, whimsical and full of stories.”

Denver Design Group designers Kristina Garcia-Stack and Alexis Rubin.
Photo courtesy of Denver Design Group.
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