Ghost Donkey’s Burro Tropical Cocktail Recipe

When it comes to having fun, Ghost Donkey takes the cake. We love the look (and taste) of this colorful donkey-topped cocktail so much that we just had to share the DIY recipe.

Ghost Donkey's Burro Tropical cocktail.
Photo by Jake Holschuh.

“The Burro Tropical is a staple for Ghost Donkey because it’s different. The tequila and rum combinations—with the light tropical citrus—check all the boxes.”—Jace Hilpipre, General Manager, Ghost Donkey

Burro Tropical


1 ½ oz. Terralta Blanco Tequila
½ oz. Real McCoy 3 Rum
½ oz. Chinola Liqueur
3/4 oz. Calpico (Japanese milk soda)
3/4 oz. lemon juice
½ oz. simple syrup
½ oz. Velvet Falernum

All the ingredients are typically available at larger liquor stores, or more boutique stores with strong cocktail sections.


Measure all of the ingredients. Next, shake in a shaker and strain into a high ball. Top with soda water. Garnish with a mint umbrella and top with a donkey!

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Ghost Donkey's general manager Jace Hilpipre.
Photo by Jake Holschuh.

Ask the General Manager: Jace Hilpipre

Why do you enjoy working at Ghost Donkey?
“I love working at Ghost Donkey because of the atmosphere as it allows me to have fun at work, interact with guests and expand my knowledge on agave spirits.”

What is special about the vibe?
“Ghost Donkey isn’t quite a speakeasy but we are hard to find on purpose; its dark with fun lights. The cocktails are very well designed and we have a cocktail for everyone. The vibe is special because Ghost Donkey isn’t formal. The lights, good music and beautiful cocktails set us apart.”

Are you a Colorado native?
“I am originally from Phoenix, AZ but I’ve been living in Colorado for six years and that’s where I started bartending. I started in a small hotel bar and from there my first love was wine. I got my wine sommelier [certification] very early in my career and after that I moved to the Denver Milk Market as a wine sommelier. From there, I was able to expand my knowledge on other spirits and craft bartending.”

What is your favorite tool to use behind the bar?
“My favorite bar tool is the shaker. You can throw it around and have the most fun with flair without worrying about breaking the bottle.”