David Lawrence and the Spoonful Release Debut Single

David Lawrence and the Spoonful’s debut single “Seeds We Sow” uses Colorado’s wildfires as a metaphor for accepting what life hands us.

David Lawrence and The Spoonful | Music | May 2022 | Denver Life Magazine
Photo by Nicholas Caputo.

“We aren’t always driving the ship,” David Lawrence, the vocalist of the Spoonful, a Denver-based band, says, “sometimes we are just passengers.” The song is about a day in the fall of 2020 when the fires were raging while it snowed. “The sky was this eerie mix of orange haze and ashy snow falling. I didn’t feel in control. It felt like I was being thrown about by the winds of what’s happening.” The day after the single was released, the Marshal Fire broke out, a perfect example of elements being out of our control. However, the chorus offers a moment of hope: “The seeds we sowed died yesterday. I guess things don’t really work that way. The smoke is so thick you can hardly see everything that’s going to come, that’s going to be. Don’t you worry life is like a tree, everything that burns comes back, you’ll see.” Nature’s cyclical rhythm may feel out of control at times, but ultimately it will bring balance. Their full album will debut this Summer. In the meantime, catch Lawrence at The Black Buzzard at Oskar Blues in Denver Saturday, May 21 alongside Copper Children.

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