Bartender: E. Scott Moser

E. Scott Moser, bartender at FIRE Lounge & Restaurant, expands on his favorite things, alongside a few tips and tricks.

Photo by Joni Schrantz

When did you start bartending?
“I started in the industry at a restaurant in Washington D.C as a busser. I eventually moved my way through all the positions until I became a bartender in 2008. I moved to Denver in September 2018 and have been a bartender at FIRE since.”

Favorite bar tool? What can’t you mix drinks without?
“A sharp knife! If you don’t have a sharp knife, making garnishes can be such a chore.”

At the end of your shift what do you pour yourself?
“I’m a [five-year] sober bartender. There aren’t many of us, but I’m proud of it. I like to say ‘I, like a chemist, am not tempted to drink hydrochloric acid’”

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When you are a guest at the bar, do you order a classic cocktail or the restaurant’s specialty cocktail?
“I like to go out with my friends who aren’t sober because I can watch other bartenders make cocktails. I always peruse the specialty cocktail menu out of curiosity to see what other restaurants are doing. “

Favorite thing about bartending?
“The guests! Honestly, being able to spend time with really awesome people is what makes the job totally worth it. Having a good guest is what makes the job worthwhile.”

Least favorite thing about bartending?
“Spending eight hours on your feet behind the bar.”

Most unusual drink request?
“When I worked at a bar in D.C., I had a guest ask for a Hennessy Peridot in the form of a sidecar. It was $180 for the cognac and a $3 upcharge for a sidecar.”

One thing every bar should have?
“A regular who is there basically every day. They work as your advocate, friend, sounding board, and audience for your cocktail ideas. They are an important presence!”

If you weren’t bartending what would you be doing?
“If I had unlimited freedom, I’d be playing golf.”