Business Consultant: Melanie Anne Towey

Melanie Anne Towey’s mission is to be a catalyst for other professionals looking to achieve the same; freedom, joy, and fulfillment in every area of their life. You only get one life. How you design it is up to you.

Business Consultant: Melanie Anne Towey
Photo by From The Hip

How do you help professionals?
“After a decade in the corporate world, I developed a burning passion for leadership, innovation, and helping businesses and professionals strategically create their path forward. Melanie Anne was founded as a way to holistically impact high-achieving entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, through personal and professional development. I saw a need to help professionals authentically grow in themselves and in their careers, as well as to strategically help businesses at a deeper level overcome foundational challenges hindering them from results.”

What is an executive coach and how else do you help businesses?
“As an Executive Success Coach, I focus on helping professionals gain greater clarity of themselves and define a life of success on their own terms. I empower them individually in designing a life that is integrated and supports a lifestyle that encourages growth and fulfillment at home, in their career, in their health and in their community.

As a Business Consultant, I work to support entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to get more of what they want out of their business by overcoming deep rooted challenges holding them back, creating a path forward and setting them up for new dimensions of success.”

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What is the biggest reason you moved from the corporate world to starting your own business?
“By 27, I was sitting in my corporate leadership role, making a paycheck most could only dream of. I had been a road warrior for the entirety of my career, never in one city or place for more than a day or two. I had hit every financial and corporate career goal I had set. I turned 30, the bank account looked amazing, the check marks next to all I had accomplished looked impressive. This was success. Or so that is what I thought. But I woke up and I had never felt more empty, tired, or defeated. I was burnt out, lonely and isolated. I had nothing to me that mattered in the depths of my soul. Outwardly I was this pillar of success but inwardly I was really struggling.

My career held priority over my life for a long time and buried everything else that existed, friendships, health, relationships and hobbies.  I had worked my whole life to reach this point of success, yet it felt so off and so far away from how I desired my life to be.  I was not fulfilled, and my career had become my own self-fulfilling prophecy. I loved the people I worked with. I loved so much of what made me great at my job, but I couldn’t shake this feeling. So began many years of my own personal development journey.

Fast forward and my story truly came full circle after the realization that God was calling me to use all of this for something even greater—to support others on their journey at a deeper level. When COVID-19 grounded everyone in March, I realized the road warrior lifestyle stopped making sense for the life I wanted to live anymore. I was living to work, not working to live. So in October, after much consideration, I resigned my position out of Los Angeles to build a business and life in Denver. It was an extremely tough decision given the landscape of 2020 and being amid a pandemic, however, nothing had ever felt more right. It ignited my soul and brought my purpose and passion to life.”

Your story is very inspiring. I’d like to know what gets you up in the morning?
“I have a deep desire to make a difference in the world and connect everything together to create meaning. I am motivated by thinking through deep, complicated problems, and coming up with innovative, lasting solutions. I am at my personal best when I am able to build deep connections with people and create lasting impact. I am motivated to find joy, freedom, and fulfillment in everything I do and in turn help others find it in everything they do.”

What are some of the things you love outside of work?
“When I am not trying to help others conquer their world, I find joy and happiness next to the water, in writing, in music, in holistic health, in interior design, and in watching sunsets. I also find it in the love of my large, loud, and loving family who are the people I appreciate most; spanning from Minnesota to Colorado to California, always holding me accountable and never letting me settle outside of who I truly am.”

Any final words?
“My work today continues to be inspired by my own growth journey to integrate my professional and personal worlds. Instead of living them separately, I now enjoy living them fully together.”