High-tech Machine

The Polestar 2 features unrivaled technology built for the savviest drivers.

Photo courtesy of Polestar

You just can’t compare the smoothness of the ride or the efficiency of the drive. With a five-door electric performance fastback and an output of 408 hp with 487 lb.-ft of torque—this avant-garde electric car can easily tackle any road as well as tow a 2,000-pound load, the most of any vehicle within its segment.

Design and Technology

As an electric performance brand, Polestar leverages the technological and engineering support from its parent company Volvo Cars, but with the ability to make bold product decisions and react to the market much faster than established auto makers. Its features are bar none. Incorporating a fully vegan interior with Weavetech materials, which are lighter and stronger than many traditional fabrics, Polestar 2 also makes use of the driver’s phone to access the car—completely removing the need for a traditional key fob. “An exciting highlight is its minimalist design aesthetic and the details they’ve built into the overall silhouette,” says Gregor Hembrough, Head of Polestar USA. “It also features supreme in-car technology such as the integration of Android Automotive OS. For instance, there is an illuminated Polestar logo that you can see both inside and outside the cabin via a reflection in the roof glass. It’s also the first car in the world to be fitted with a native entertainment system by Google’s Android, with features like Google Assistant, Google Maps, and the Play Store fully integrated within. And, it has Digital Key and Over-the-Air technology.”

Local Launch

Lucky for Denverites, Polestar has opened an exclusive retail space in Cherry Creek North. Owner Steve Powers oversees the operation. “We don’t have to try hard to sell the brand. Our role is to educate and inform that’s why we don’t have compensated sales people,” he says. “We are authentic in our methods and it has shown since coming to Denver.” The temporary space (currently on Fillmore St.) offers a new approach to automotive retail. Customers have the ability to interact with the vehicle lineup in a unique way with non-commissioned product experts, steering away from the pressures of the hard-sell and commission-based dealership approach.

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Personal Touch

Polestar specialist Laurel Hanlon who came from BMW, says all brands are struggling with how advanced these cars are becoming. “With us there’s no pressure to buy—we just let the cars speak for themselves. It’s a more appealing way for buyers to make an informed decision.” Daniel Menne, previously with Volvo, also feels this new approach is advantageous. “It’s all about the client, the technology, and the direction we are going. Polestar also has an environmental concern unlike other car companies—fully sustainable, we support the planet—and that’s big with Coloradans.”