Ancient Symbolism Meets Modern Appeal in Rustic Souls’ Jewelry

Discover Rustic Souls, a jewelry brand blending ancient symbolism with contemporary sophistication for a modern bohemian collection.

Model wearing Rustic Souls jewelry
Photo courtesy of Rustic Souls.

In the world of high-end fashion, where minimalist designs and luxury materials reign supreme, a touch of rustic charm can be a breath of fresh air. Rustic Souls, a Colorado-based jewelry brand, captures this essence with its lush, versatile collection of modern bohemian talisman jewelry, striking a balance between old-world mystique and contemporary sophistication.

Sommer Cleveland, the one-woman show behind Rustic Souls, handcrafts each piece using undyed, hand-cut gemstones inspired by bygone eras. Her designs celebrate imperfect beauty, embracing experimentation in texture and color without harsh chemicals. With the idea that each piece can be worn with a chiffon dress or a t-shirt and jeans, Rustic Souls brings an effortlessly chic aesthetic to Denver’s affluent audience.

Rustic Souls earrings
Photo courtesy of Rustic Souls.

Cleveland explains that at the core, “a talisman holds meaning and offers comfort to the wearer.” The brand’s Talisman Collection features symbols of protection, strength, and healing, such as bees, elephants, evil eyes, and Hamsa hands. The moon and stars talisman, in particular, embodies fierce feminine power. For centuries, talisman jewelry has been worn to avert evil, promote healing, bring luck, and more. Rustic Souls reinterprets these ancient symbols with a modern, maverick twist, creating wearable art with a touch of irony.

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Overall, Rustic Souls offers a unique blend of ancient symbolism and modern appeal. Cleveland suggests you should “ignore the ‘rules’ that say to only wear matching metals or to wear what’s in style right now. Unlike clothing, jewelry is timeless.” So, as you don your bespoke amulet, appreciate the subtle irony of wearing a centuries-old symbol with your designer jeans, and revel in the imperfect beauty of Rustic Souls’ creations.