Your Neighborhood Guide to the Art District on Santa Fe

This certified Colorado Creative District is packed with art studios, galleries, cooperatives, theaters, museums, and murals, with a bunch of great, under-the-radar places to dine and drink sprinkled in between.

Art District on Santa Fe
Illustration by Emily Burrowes.

1. Town Hall Collaborative

Established with a mission to partner with, hire, and empower women and marginalized communities, this bar offers more than just quirky cocktails and open mic nights. Contribute to a meaningful cause at the bar’s book clubs, current events discussions, and fun dance parties.

2. El Taco De Mexico

Don’t let the unassuming exterior fool you—this taqueria holds a prestigious James Beard America’s Classics Award. The nearly 40-year-old establishment packs bold flavors in every dish from beans and rice to the chile relleno burrito. Regardless of what you order, smothering it with green chile is a must.

3. Green Lady Gardens

Browse a wide selection of leafy tendrils, vibrant pottery, and handmade decor, all sourced from fair trade organizations and local artisans. Utilize the store’s online care instructions to keep your new housemates in good health.

4. D’Art Gallery

Featuring 18 local artists, this is a buzzing community hub dedicated to supporting the careers of local creatives. The sleek space showcases a cornucopia of contemporary fine art, ceramic works, rich oil and acrylic paintings, and stunning photography.

5. Tonantzin Casa De Café

Authenticity reigns supreme at this charming café where you can savor dishes inspired by Latin American and Indigenous traditions. Treat yourself to an atole, a Mayan drink made from corn and sweet spice, a foamy iced horchata latte, or the decadent Tonantzin atole plate on the shaded patio.

6. NKollectiv

Owned by local creative Nicole Korbe, this gallery is a locus for burgeoning Denver artists. Wander through collections of abstract paintings and intricate sculptures, or browse an array of nature-inspired jewelry.

7. ESP

Boasting an impressive record collection and a state-of-the-art sound system, the cozy space is inspired by Japanese kissas—cafés where enjoying the recorded jazz music is the primary focus, not the background.