Wooly Wax’s Custom Hand Poured Soy Candles

With Wooly Wax, create a hand-poured candle with a custom scent profile that smells like home to you.

Wooly Wax founder
and master pourer
Rachel Woolcott
Photo courtesy of Wooly Wax.

What distinguishes a house from a home? A spiral staircase, a balcony view, a flagstone patio—or could it be something as ethereal yet visceral as the particular scent that greets you when you walk through the door? If home is where the heart is, surely it’s where the nose should find delight. Your domicile’s olfactory signature defines its character, setting the tone for memories unfolding within its four walls.

Scent is a powerful memory trigger, and Denver’s own Wooly Wax is here to remind you. Crafting scents is part art, part alchemy— both of which founder and master pourer Rachel Woolcott has honed. She’s got a nose for this kind of thing. Formerly a chef, Woolcott now spends her days deep in the aromatic trenches, wrestling wild scents into chic, hand-poured, soy wax candles that can turn any space into a trip down memory lane. Wooly Wax HQ, nestled in Berkeley, doubles as a boutique where you can see, smell, and experience firsthand the power of scent in defining home.

Woolcott’s candles aren’t merely fragrant; they’re layered narratives. Each candle, blending 100% natural soy wax and high-quality essential oils, tells a tale. Take for example the brand’s collaboration with Laws Whiskey House. The candle offers an olfactive portrait of Denver—charred white oak, leather, caramel, and tobacco notes. Wooly Wax’s Burmese Teakwood candle is a nod to Woolcott’s father’s study—a nuanced alchemy of leather, wood, and scotch.

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That’s not to say Woolcott holds a monopoly on memory. Wooly Wax offers bespoke scents that invite you to practice the art of living through your senses. Craft a signature aroma to envelop your home and create a subconscious sense of place. It’s your scent, your memories, your candle. One whiff, and you’re home.

Wooly Wax candles
Photo courtesy of Wooly Wax.