What Domenico Luciano is Reading, Watching, and Listening To

The Colorado Ballet's Domenico Luciano shares what he's reading, watching, and listening to this month.

Photo by Francisco Estevez

Radio, Podcasts

“I follow one of the Queer Eye guys named Jonathan Van Ness; his podcast is “Getting Curious.” I try to follow some Italian podcasts for news every once in a while, just to stay in touch with my origins in Italy. Usually when I drive I like to listen to the radio for the same purpose, to stay in touch with what’s going on. I don’t have cable TV, so radio is my tool to be current on the news.”

Live Shows

“Last year I went to my first Lady Gaga concert. It was here in Denver and it was an amazing experience. My latest live experience was the Dior exhibit here at the Denver Art Museum. Being Italian, I love fashion and beauty. I also design some costumes for productions, so I try to follow it, learn more, and get ideas and inspiration.”


“If I want to take it easy and slow down, I follow this playlist called “Yoga and Meditation” and play it throughout the day. If I’m getting ready for work or doing tasks around my place, it could be pop music. I have my favorite artist, Lady Gaga, so I have a Lady Gaga playlist, “Lady Gaga Discography.” Every once in a while, and this is a funny thing, I listen to Disney hits. That makes me happy.”

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“I like to read action fiction, and I’m a big fan of the Dan Brown books. I’m from Italy, so it’s fascinating for me to go back through the book to those places that I know so well and visualize that part of the story. It brings me back to Europe. My husband is a big, big fan of Harry Potter and goes through those books on a cycle. Every couple of months he starts over, from the first one to the last one.”


“All the TV I watch is through Hulu or Netflix. There is one classic that I’ve followed for years: Grey’s Anatomy. The whole medical thing is fascinating, and I love Ellen Pompeo. Lately I’ve been into Queer Eye and Grace and Frankie, with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. I love both of them. And the Queer Eye guys are using their platform to send amazing messages of being open, inclusive, and kind. I think that’s beautiful.”

Domenico Luciano joined the Colorado Ballet in 2013 and is now academy principal. He and his husband, Jeremy, share an apartment in the Cherry Creek-Glendale area.