Vinyl Me, Please: RiNo Record Club

With big plans and an even bigger love for music, record company Vinyl Me, Please is breathing new life into Denver’s sound scene.

Vinyl Me, Please
Photo courtesy of Vinyl Me, Please.

“Sonic truth is human truth,” says Cam Schaefer, CEO and musical mastermind behind Vinyl Me, Please. The Denver-based record club has lived by that mantra for nearly a decade, and now, it’s bringing an exciting new development to downtown. Planning to touch down in RiNo in the second half of 2024, VMP will introduce an interactive pressing plant that promises to be an unparalleled sonic experience. Situated just steps away from Mission Ballroom, music buffs can take their pick of specially curated vinyl in the brand’s retail store, jam to their selections in the analog listening lounge, and embark on a tour to witness the pressing process first-hand.

For VMP, the universe of these musical artifacts extends well beyond their sound. Art prints, stencils, listening booklets, and exclusive pressings of deluxe LPs make up the ensemble of a typical delivery from VMP’s Record of the Month club. Members of the service can discover a new record each month, always chosen by real hands for real ears. “When buying from VMP, you know you’re getting the VMP edition of that record: the highest, audiophile-grade sound, premium print, and well-researched original liner notes,” Schaefer explains.

While the classic crackle of a vinyl record might be a time-worn treasure to those who grew up with it, Vinyl Me, Please endeavors to foster a renewed appreciation for this timeless experience among a new generation. In Schaefer’s eyes, “Music fans increasingly long for a deeper, more human connection to the artists and music they love, and vinyl remains the greatest physical medium created to do so.”

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