Two Moons Music Hall: RINO Craft Cocktail and Live Music Venue

At Two Moons Music Hall, music and mixology live in harmony.

Rendering of Two Moons Music Hall interior
Photo courtesy of Two Moons Music Hall.

When you go to a concert, you’re normally sipping on your favorite tallboy or nursing a well drink. And no one blames you—you are looking for the best bang for your line-standing time, not nuanced flavors that add to the sensory experience. But what if instead, you could order those craft cocktails from your seat and never miss a minute of the music? Enter Two Moons Music Hall, a brand-new craft cocktail and live music venue in RiNo offering the hospitality of a neighborhood bar and the energy of a nightclub.

“The imagery of two moons in the sky represents a rare occurrence, a welcome anomaly that is an emblem of good fortune, new energy, and new beginnings,” says Jake Soffes, founder of Pearl Street Hospitality, the group behind Lady Jane, The Wild, Hudson Hill, and now Two Moons. As its name implies, it’s a departure from the ordinary—a space where the fervor of a concert converges with the elegance of cocktail culture.

The bar’s diverse and eclectic lineup will feature rotating genres of music including jazz, blues, funk, honky-tonk, hip-hop, and Latin, almost exclusively from local, independent artists. “What you would listen to on a Tuesday afternoon versus a Friday night will always be different,” says Soffes. “We really tried to embrace this when designing our performance schedule.”

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Two Moons is located on Larimer Street in RiNo, and Soffes feels they have picked the perfect placement for their new concept. “RiNo is one of the only neighborhoods in town where you can get great food, drinks, coffee, shopping, and entertainment, all within walking distance,” he says. Enjoy a meal at Barcelona Wine Bar down the street, then walk to Two Moons to listen to live music, and cap the night with a stiff drink from Block Distilling next door.

Although you won’t find yourself wanting for drinks here. Stuart Weaver, a partner in Pearl Street Hospitality and general manager at Lady Jane, is spearheading the cocktail program, bringing his brand of eclectic, seasonal, fun, weird, approachable, and absolutely delicious cocktails to Two Moons. “A personal favorite of mine is the Shapeshifter,” Soffes shares. “It’s a combination of mezcal, shiso leaf, yuzu, plum sake, and lime juice that we clarify and carbonate in-house.”

So whether it’s a laid-back Tuesday afternoon or a lively Friday night, Two Moons invites you to settle into its new beautiful, open-concept space that proves you never have to pick between a good drink and a good show because here music and mixology live in harmony