Three Places to Sleep Among Ghosts

If you’re craving a good scare, check out these haunted hotels.

Stanley Hotel
Photo by Fern M. Lomibao/Unsplash

The Stanley Hotel

Of course we had to start with the Stanley! This is where Stephen King became inspired to write his horror novel The Shining. Several guests have captured photos of apparitions of little girls in white dresses, and a woman standing at the top of a staircase. To fully immerse yourself in the spookiness, take advantage of The Historic Stanley Night Tour. Rooms start at $289 per night.

Hotel Colorado

Hotel Colorado is partnering with the Glenwood Springs Historical Society for their A Walk Back In Time historic tour, in which actors play the deceased historical figures Jasper Ward (once town marshall), Walter Devereux (builder of the hotel), Eleanora Malaby (frontierswoman), and others. While hearing about the hotel’s history from these characters, you will journey through ghost-filled hallways, a former basement morgue, a secret tunnel used by Al Capone, and more. Rooms start at $125 per night.

The Oxford Hotel

In 1898, a young woman named Florence Montague killed her married lover and herself. Now, single men staying in room 320 (Montague’s old room) report feeling their arms being pulled, having the covers ripped off their bed, and having the lights and faucets randomly turned on. If that’s not enough for you, visit the Cruise Room, which has been frequented by the ghost of a postman since 1933. Rooms start at $179 per night.

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