Beauty: Brow Power

Techniques, tools, and tips for beautifying your eyebrows.

Eyebrows are the frame of the face, so it’s important to keep them looking their best. Brow expert Michelle Dinsmore, co-owner of Brows on Upper 15th, says that getting the right brow shape all comes down to finding the right proportion. It’s not all that complicated. Here’s what you need to know.

Should I thread or wax?

Threading uses twisted threads that glide along the skin, snagging individual hairs and removing them from follicles. It’s more precise than waxing because it can remove hairs too small for wax to catch. “With a lot of clients, we will wax in some areas and thread in others,” says Dinsmore. “Threading is less likely to make you break out and have redness, but waxing is usually less painful because it’s just one pull. But if you’re using skincare products like Retin-A, I would recommend thread instead of wax.”

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Any eyebrow trends worth knowing about?

Eyebrow tinting and microblading both allow you to choose any shape and color you want. Tinting dyes the brow hairs, while microblading is a form of permanent makeup that tattoos on individual hairs in your desired shape. Brows on Upper 15th offers a henna brow tint that gives a temporary tattoo effect; it’s one of their most popular services.

Which makeup tools are hot right now for brows?

Options include pencils, pomades, and powders. Pencils can create a light, natural definition to arches, pomades are creams that fill in brows more heavily, and powders are best for filling in gaps while still giving a soft look. “I used to think you had to find one brow product that did it all, but then I felt like I was shortchanging my clients,” Dinsmore says. “Figure out the steps you need, and get a tool for each one, whether it’s a brush, pencil, or powder.”

What are the basic tools everyone should have at home?

Dinsmore: “Tweezers, an eyebrow brush, and a pencil.”

Six at-home tips for shaping your own brows

1. Never pluck more than 10 hairs in one session.
2. Tweeze no more than once a week to prevent overplucking.
3. For the best view, pluck while 10 inches away from the mirror.
4. Draw a line around your perfect eyebrow and pluck only the hairs outside the line.
5. Never tweeze when you’re tired.
6. Always tweeze from the outside in. Start at the arch

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